5 Best Places to Watch Hunter x Hunter Online

Hunter x Hunter is a popular name especially among anime lovers all over the world. The anime series started as far back as 2011 or thereabout, and it is a story about hunters who are tasked with all sorts of challenges which includes; hunting bad guys, fighting monsters, or finding lost treasures. If you want to join the bandwagon of anime lovers, this post will show you 5 best places to watch Hunter x Hunter Online.

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The earlier series of the Hunter x Hunter seemed better than the latest ones. It has better animation, storylines, and production quality. Those that came out after 2011 are still okay, but they seemed to lack a little something. Though they are still very watchable, but they are not as good as the original.

If you want to watch Hunter x Hunter online, below are some place you can get it. This simply answers the questions of many who are looking for places to watch this interesting anime series online.

5 Best Places to Watch Hunter x Hunter Online

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Watch Hunter x Hunter Online From These 5 Best Places

Despite the popularity of this anime series, you cannot access Hunter x Hunter online legally in many places. So have it in mind that that this post only exposes the legal places, so if you are looking for an illegal means or access, you can kindly check somewhere else.

Now, the following are the 5 best places you can watch Hunter x Hunter online.


Crunchyroll is one nice place you can watch most anime. Though the site might not have everything you need, but what it does have is high quality, full length anime that cut across all genres. The site does not have every episodes of Hunter x Hunter I must confess, but it has a lot of them. The site has about 148 episodes of Hunter x Hunter in all I think.


Netflix has a good amount of Hunter x Hunter episodes, but I guess it is nowhere near that of Crunchyroll.  As many of us are already making use of Netflix, It is wise to check there first before paying for other subscriptions.

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Anime Planet

Anime Planet is another favourite place when it comes to anime, it is one good place to watch Hunter x Hunter online. It has thousands of titles within the site obtained from other sources, Crunchyroll being one of them. I think the site is legit, so you can give them a try.

Since Anime Planet has the same number of titles as Crunchyroll, this is because it sources them from that site. It also serve the same quality, audio, and speed of streaming. When you are watching Hunter x Hunter from Anime Planet, I think it actually streams from Crunchyroll. You need to have Flash enabled on your browser before you can enjoy streaming from Anime Planet.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim is also another nice place to find some anime titles, and a good place to watch Hunter x Hunter online. The site does not have everything because it is not all about anime, but it does have some good amount of Hunter x Hunter titles. The main Hunter x Hunter page has later episodes from season 3.


DirecTV is a pay streaming service that gives strict competition to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Sling and others. It also has some episodes of Hunter x Hunter. Currently, it has fifteen in the lineup from season 5 and 6. Though it does not have that much, but if you are a DirecTV subscriber, this just an added advantage.

DirecTV costs between $35 and $55 per month, and it includes a ton of content from across the entire industry.


From all these sources to watch Hunter x Hunter online, it seems Crunchyroll and Anime Planet are the best among them. They have the largest selection, most of the seasons and episodes, and also offer good quality too. Though you have to pay to enjoy the full service, there are have free trial you can play with first.

What other sources are you watching your Hunter x Hunter from? You can share them in the comment box below and let the conversation begin.

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