Smart TV Buying Guide 2018: 6 Factors To Consider Before Buying

If you are one of those that chooses to get entertained at home, then what you might need is a reason to “Netflix and Chill”. The best way to enjoy multimedia content at home is by using a big screen, then nothing stops you from buying one. Hey! don’t tell me you are yet to get a Smart TV. Well, if that is the case, or your old TV needs a replacement, then this Smart TV buying guide for the year 2018, might just be important tool you need.

Buying a Smart TV is definitely a decision you won’t regret taking, provided you choose the right one for yourself. So to make it a little bit more easier for you, I have compiled some list of factors you should consider before buying a Smart TV this year.

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Smart TV Buying Guide 2018

Smart TV Buying Guide 2018: 6 Factors To Consider Before Buying

  1. Go for the right screen size

Televisions are available in variety of screen sizes. It ranges from small monitor-like TV suited for tight spaces to large screen sizes that promise a true home theatre-like experience. Finding the right screen size for your new Smart TV is the first thing you need to do.

The key factors that determines a preferred screen size for your Smart TV are; the room size, distance from the TV, and the number of people who are actually going to watch the TV. Once you have figure out all these factors, then you should choose the largest TV that fits your requirements and at the same time your budget.

For a medium sized living room, a TV with a screen size between 42 inches to 60 inches will be perfect.

  1. Display quality

The next factor you need to focus on is the display quality or what resolution your Smart TV should have. You should note that the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will look on your TV. I will recommend you buy a TV with 4K resolution. though a full HD resolution is not bad if you are having a limited budget. HD-ready televisions have a way too low resolution got today’s standards.

Now talking about display technolog7 (OLED, LED, LCD or Plasma), if you got the budget, nothing beats a well-made OLED display. But I am not trying to say the LED TVs are bad, they are not just as good as OLED panels. You should also stay away from the regular LCD and Plasma TVs as they are quickly fading away.

  1. Curved screens, HDR and other important things to look for

Take note, that curved TVs have been a failed attempt, just like 3D TVs that never really took off in a big way. Not only do curved TVs require you to sit at certain sweet spots to catch the full excitement, they also add little to the experience to make hike in the price feel worthwhile. HDR, on the other hand, is something you should be looking forward too. It makes the viewing experience really immersive with better contrast and colour reproduction, in cases where the content is natively HDR. There are services like Netflix which support HDR, and other providers will surely join the bandwagon soon.

One thing to notice here is whether the TV supports both HDR and Dolby Vision or not. There are just a few TVs that come with support for both formats.

  1. More connectivity options

The more the connectivity options, the merrier it will be. Most users ignore the fact that the number and type of inputs on a television is a very important factor for buying it. To enjoy your future Smart TV, you should look for one with at least three HDMI inputs (preferably four), with at least one of them supporting HDMI 2.0 for playing 4K content. Once you connect a set-up box, a gaming console, and a Google Chromecast, you will discover you are quickly running out of HDMI ports on your brand new Smart TV. Other connectivity options should include at least a couple of USB ports, digital and analog audio outputs, as well as an Ethernet port. Given we’re looking at things to look for before buying a smart TV, you should ensure your TV supports Wi-Fi, DLNA and even Miracast technology.

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  1. Which Smart TV Platforms to choose from

This is one of the most important factors you should consider before choosing a Smart TV for your home. There are few platforms to choose from, these includes; Android TV from Sony’s  and Vu’s range of TVs, LG’s webOS, Xiaomi’s PatchWall and Samsung’s Tizen OS, among others. Each of these are slightly different.

Moreover, it is very important to ensure that your favourite services are available natively on the platform for a better experience. For example, if you’re an ardent Netflix or Amazon Prime Video viewer, then you should probably give Xiaomi’s PatchWall UI a miss, given it doesn’t support either as of now. However, PatchWall does offer loads of other content streaming options out of the box. In addition, it even integrates set-top box content into the main interface, letting you use a single remote for browsing the content. The Android TV platform available on a few Sony and Vu TV models on the other hand, comes with a Play Store that lets you download compatible apps and games, and is worth a closer look if this particular capability appeals to you.

  1. The remote and voice recognition

Smart TVs often come with either a minimalistic remote or a secondary remote with just a few buttons. Some TV remotes also support voice recognition for simple commands. And although voice recognition might not be the top priority, the TV’s remote is certainly something to look at. It should be easy to use, and should help you navigate the interface with ease. For instance, LG’s Magic Remote allows you to hover the remote to move the pointer on the screen. Xiaomi’s minimalistic remote is super simple to use too, and makes navigating the PatchWall interface a breeze.

If something like this is not available, check if the TV supports external mouse and keyboard for times when you might need it.

These are the Smart TV guide for the year 2018 and maybe beyond, though technology keeps changing.  Do you have any other important factor that should be considered before choosing a Smart Television? Kindly add your contributions in the comment section of this page.

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