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Blogginfotech is an Informational Portal that covers categories such as; Blogging Tips, How To’s, Currency Exchange Rates and FOREX, Technology Trends and Reviews, General Information and Communication Technology, Education, Online Business, and Trending Information across the world.

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Message From The Author

Good day guys!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Blogginfotech (BIT): An online platform or blog made up of people who have a great penchant for current information, ranging from Blogging tips, tech news, and reviews to general information and titbits from the ICT world. People like you who make up this great community are known as BITers {gotten fromBlogging, Information, and Technology (BIT)}. We are all working towards a goal, and that is to receive top-notch information around the globe.

Here are some information you may likely find on Blogginfotech:

  • Blogging tips that will be useful for serious Bloggers
  • Tech news and reviews around the globe, ranging from gadgets to overall ICT
  • Online marketing tips for entrepreneurs
  • General “How-to” from the ICT world
  • And also, we might touch some other useful infos that trends across the globe.

The idea of Blogginfotech came up in July 2016, but I lingered enough (maybe because of some other engagements) till September 4, 2016, when I bought the domain and the site was launched and hosted on the Blogger platform.

My main aim for creating Blogginfotech is to reach out to the needs of people who are asking lots of questions concerning the areas listed above. Using my experience and technical know-how to give an answer to the questions and solve most of the problems bothering them, in the best way I can.

Working together, we can make Blogginfotech and online community that will be greatly cherished in the nearest future.

One thing i promise you is that I will input in my best in serving you and you will never regret. “We can make it work” asĀ  team.

About The Author Of Blogginfotech

Chibuzor Aguwa, Author Blogginfotech

Hi, my name is Chibuzor Aguwa and i am the author and brain behind Blogginfotech.

I am a Medical Microbiologist by profession and I am into Public health as well. I already own two separate health blogs where I blog particularly on health and medical science issues.

I also have a Diploma in Data Processing and ICT, and that is the main stimulus that triggered the idea of Blogginfotech. I am using my health blog as a hobby, but I think Blogginfotech will be the main business.

All work and no play will definitely make Chibuzor a dull boy, so I have other fun engagements too. I love music (inspirational songs from any genre), singing and of course football. To wrap it up, I am a strong fan of Manchester United Football Club, That is all about me for now..peace!

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Thanks for being a BITer, see you some other time.