Blogginfotech have decided to open its blog for guest posts to all bloggers and writers in the Blogging Tips, SEO, Technology, How Tos, Online Business, Telecommunication and FOREX niche. We do not restrict ourselves from accepting guest posts from any writer within such category.

Write For Us Blogginfotech

How Does It Benefits Your Brand Or Business As A Blogger/Writer?

  1. For each accepted guest post, the writer will be rewarded with the following things which will enable him/her to promote his/her respective blogs or brand
  2. Get organic traffic to your respective blog
  3. A mention or backlink to your blog
  4. A brief biography about you/your blog (along with the link that guides to your blog)

Guest Post Requirements On Blogginfotech

  • Article must be informative and It must fall within the following categories: Blogging Tips, SEO, Technology news and reviews, How Tos, Telecommunication, Online Business and FOREX.
  • Word count per article should be 800+ (minimum).
  • The article will not be published elsewhere once it has gone live on Blogginfotech, be it your own personal site or blog.
  • Content must be totally original and unique.
  • We reject articles that are modified/same/articles from other sites.
  • We also reject self promotion of your products or services.
  • We even reject promotion of companies, products/services.
  • Articles with many grammatical errors will be rejected.

Other Guidelines

  • Include the author’s bio and blog link at the bottom of your guest post
  • Do not bother about uploading pictures for a particular post, we will sort that out ourselves, except if it is one created by you.
  • You cannot include more than one link in the biography of the author.
  • The link in your guest post must relate to the particular article you are submitting.
  • Articles must not contain sponsored links/affiliate links/ keyword links.
  • Articles should not contain links of any companies/unrelated links/deep links.
  • Articles should not contains links that guide to adult sites/banned sites or redirects.
  • You can add only one link to your blog/website by completing your profile.
  • We will not link to any hired freelance professional writers/ third-party writers and we also do not link to other products or services for promotional purposes. If that is your sole aim of submitting a post, is better you notify us fir a sponsored post.

How To Proceed Further?

If your guest post meets the above requirements, you can send it as an email to

Your guest posts will be live on this blog within the next 24 hours (working), if there is no other guest post waiting in the queue. You can simply notify in your email if you want it to be published immediately, as it requires a little compensation.

Thanks for working with us!

Chibuzor Aguwa

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