FuboTV vs YouTube TV, Which One is Better?

FuboTV vs YouTube TV, which one is better? This is a big question that is been asked by people these days, and before you can arrive at a direct answer, you need to carry out lots of comparison and consideration. So, this post will give you an insight if FuboTV is better than YouTube TV, or maybe it is the other way round.

You should also have it at the back of your mind that it is also a subjective process because what is better for one person, might be worse for another. There are also some factors which everyone might one to consider first, like the price. Unfortunately, FuboTV is more expensive than YouTube TV.

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But don’t just settle with one part of the argument, read on to find out more before making your preferred choice.

FuboTV vs YouTube TV, Which One is Better?

FuboTV vs YouTube TV Plans

First of all, you should note that both services offer a free 7-day trial period which you can use to test if you want to go ahead with them or not. I recommend you make judicious use of this period before making a decision. Now, let me take you into details regarding their subscription plans.

The YouTube TV base plan is slightly cheaper than that of FuboTV ($5 at the time this post was written). To be precise, YouTube TV does not offer any other options. This plan brings to you 70 or more channels, all depending on your location.

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FuboTV has more options and more channels too – in the range of 110, depending on your location. And note that this is just the base Fubo subscription. The same goes for Fubo Family, which adds the Cloud VR feature, and an additional simultaneous stream.

The Fubo Ultra package brings more than 70 additional channels which include; sports and entertainment. There are also many other additional options and deals on Fubo TV, you can visit their website to see for yourself.

What do These Services have in Common?

Though they are different, these services do have some similarities. Both of them offer only two simultaneous streams, which can be upgraded to three for an additional cost. Both services sport DVR Cloud storage, which is a nice touch.

Both YouTube TV and FuboTV have sports and news channels. Neither of them has original TV programming (that is TV shows or movies created by their networks). I have already talked about the free trial periods, which are really easy to start with on both services.

Both services are available on different devices and platforms – so there is no comparison at this point. The app support is also top-notch on both sides.

Here are some differences between FuboTV and YouTube TV though.

Regarding DVR, YouTube TV has unlimited DVR storage, while FuboTV only gives you 30 hours from the get-go. If you upgrade to a more expensive package, you can get up to 500 hours of storage space.

FuboTV vs YouTube TV – the biggest difference is the picture quality. YouTube is a winner here because its content is streamed in HD resolutions (1080p) while FuboTV only allows 720p streaming.

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What about Live TV?

Both FuboTV and YouTube TV gives you live TV. You can say that FuboTV is the winner here, simply because they offer more channels, which include; USA, AMC, National Geographic, History, Bravo, and so on.

The standard networks are included in both services (Fox, NBC, CBS), with the exception of ABC which is only on YouTube TV. Fubo also lacks ESPN. Besides ESPN, YouTube TV also offers TNT, CNN, AMC, MSNBC, and so on.

Both of these services are good options for live TV, it depends on which channels you prefer.

What about Their Flaws?

FuboTV vs YouTube TV, they both look good on paper, but I think it is proper we take a look at their flaws and see what is missing from both. YouTube TV sometimes experience blackouts, as reported by users. This experience is really bad, especially if you are watching a live game.

YouTube TV also does not have a big variety of channels compared to FuboTV. But hey! Don’t just bash YouTube TV, because it is not as expensive as FuboTV. But the fact is that it does have fewer channels.

Here is another thing that can be viewed both as a flaw or something nice; again, it all depends on individual preferences. FuboTV is more sports-oriented. They offer coverage for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and so on.

On YouTube TV, you only have access to ESPN, BTN, CBS Sports, and MLB TV. Most sports fans will agree that this is not enough. Truth be told, FuboTV does not have as much cable TV as YouTube. They also offer more apps for their subscribers.

FuboTV vs YouTube TV – The Verdict

With reasons, YouTube TV is still more popular than FuboTV, maybe because of its attractive price. If you love sports, there is no denying that FuboTV is a better choice for you. But in case you prefer cable TV, YouTube is a better option for you.

FuboTV also has free on-demand content which makes it better, but honestly, both services are good. You should try out their free trials and see which one is okay for you.

FuboTV vs YouTube TV, which do you think is better? Share your thoughts on the comment section of this page.

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