Xiaomi Fingerprint Door Lock: A New Home Security Technology

Xiaomi recently launched  a new product under the crowdfunding platform, and it is another smart home security gadget. It is a new innovation in home security technology, and it s=deserves lots of thumbs up. The product is Lock Classis Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock. The price goes for just CYN 1,699 in China, which is approximately $256 in the United States of America, The price includes installation fee all summed up in one.

The Fingerprint Door Lock gives you four different types of unlocking procedures, which includes:

  • Using your fingerprint
  • Using your mobile phone app connected via Bluetooth
  • Using a preferred password, and
  • Using a physical key.

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The key highlight of the Fingerprint Door Lock is the fingerprint recognition apparatus, a design that does not store fingerprint and has string anti-breaking ability. The handle of the door lock is manufactured using a seamless single moulding technology which makes it to be able to withstand up to 100.000 times pressure test. It also carries a guarantee of up to 10 years without sagging. It has a head, handle cover and base that looks like a fingerprint, giving it a more aesthetic appeal and it won’t have fingerprint stains as a result of frequent usage.

Explaining the fingerprint technology, the Xiaomi Fingerprint Door Lock uses a live fingerprint technology chip where all internal data are stored in an independent sale area. Also, the Fingerprint Door Lock technology is also expanded from the normal 14 years to 55 years age range to 7 to 70 years with an error rate of 0,00005%.

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The smart gadget also has deep learning ability, as it learns to recognize better under frequent usage. The locks also functions well in either extremely high or low temperatures, ranging from 25oC to 55oC.

To wrap it up, there is an alarm system installed together with it, and it goes on when an intruder tries to tamper with the door lock, either with a tool or by inserting the wrong fingerprint up to 15 times. The password aspect of the Fingerprint Door Lock also has an anti-peeping virtual password, which is a 16 digit password that continues with the real password that is just 6 digits.

Xiaomi Fingerprint Door Lock: A New Home Security Technology

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