10 Best Android Business Card Scanner Apps You Should Be Using

A business card is a card containing all the needed details and information about a company or an individual. Furthermore, these cards sole objective is to provide all the relevant information about the person or business in question, such information is mostly email identification, phone number, and address. Back in the years when people use to store their business cards in their wallet or have it handy, but now thanks to technology they now use smartphones to keep their business details with the contact number of the person in question. All these can be achieved by the use of scanner apps, and that is why I shall be introducing you to some best Android business card scanner apps you should be using from today.

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A very big thanks to the world of smartphones, there are a number of applications that can do several things and one these things is for them is to carry your personal business card on your smartphone as you scan them into it.

10 Best Android Business Card Scanner Apps You Should Be Using

10 Best Android Business Card Scanner Apps

1. CamCard Free

CamCard is the most powerful business card reading app with a very high number of downloads in the Android app store. Similar to most business card readers, CamCard works smartly by recognizing and saving the contact information from a business card’s photo. This app is considered one of the best android business card scanner apps because it has many other handy features.

2. Business Card Reader

Business card app is a powerful business card scanner for devices running Android OS for free. This app is one of the best scanner app for Android even though it is in a beta, despite that, it offers unique features highlights.

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3. Droid Scan Lite

Droid Scan lite is also one of the best Business card scanner app for mobile devices because it works similarly to a scanner, not just a reader. With this app, all you just have to do is to take a picture of that business card you need on your mobile and that’s it. After the picture must have been of the business card, Droid Scan Lite allows you to easily enhance and make it more readable by adjusting the geometry, contrast, and the colour.

4. World Card Mobile

What do you say about a free business card scanner app which is available in more than six (6) different language? This makes World Card Mobile one of the best free Android business card scanner apps available for Android devices. In addition, World Card mobile has a very intuitive UI but yet simple and lite. With the help of this app, you can easily save a card just by clicking the picture right from your mobile camera and you can, later on, proceed to add it to the contact list of your phone.

This app makes use of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly export information from business card to your contact.

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5. ScanBIZCardsLite – Scan Card

ScanBIZCards is another free business card scanner app available for Android devices. This app lets its users keep all their business cards at one place and access information at any time.

6. ScanCard BCR US/EU Lite

One of the best business card scanner apps every business owner can use is ScanCard BCR US/EU Lite. Unlike others, this app has fewer features but it is very good and accurate.

7. Ever Card

Evercard is another free business card scanner app with loaded features to provide great UX. Furthermore, Ever Card makes the process of scanning business cards so easy but not just that, it also allows users to save them quickly with ease.

 8. Yolu Card Reader – Business Card Reader & Scanner

Yolu is another intuitive free business card scanning app available for iOS and Android devices which offers advanced functionality like providing name card recognition with 100% accuracy and multi-language support such as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

9. ABBYY Business Card Reader Free

This app has the ability of scanning and reading of cards in up to 21 languages, and save easily to your device.

10. FullContact Card Reader

This is another free business card scanner app available for Android devices even though it is not currently supported in all countries. This app is widely used and respected because it has wide range of integration into other services like SugarCRM, Dropbox, etc

Now you have seen my compilation of the best Android business scanner apps, which one are you already making use of that is not among the list? You can simply add them in the comment box and let the discussion begin.

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  1. You should also look at/review BricAPP, which works well as a business card scanner as it uses the combination of OCR backed by human validation and sync the data to Google Contacts, phone book, MS Outlook and even Salesforce. App also supports sharing of the original business card to anyone on mobile or computer.

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