Western Union Exchange Rate Today, May 2020 (Euros, Pounds, Dollar to Naira)

The Western Union Services has been on for some while now and many people have been benefitting from it. It creates an enabling environment for someone to easily transfer and receive money in different countries in the world. This means that you can easily ask your family or friends in the United States, United Kingdom or European countries to send you money through Western Union, and you will easily receive the money here in Nigeria. But while carrying out this service, it is wise for you to know the current Western Union exchange rate between any of the currencies you want to deal with.

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If you are in Nigeria, in order to satisfy your curiosity about the Western Union exchange rate for currencies like Dollar, Pounds and Euro to Naira, we shall be updating this page for you, giving you the latest value you will be exchanging with the various Western Union agents in Nigeria. To get quick access to this page, you can easily bookmark it on your web browser (be it mobile or PC), subscribe to our blog by entering your email address in the subscription box, or simply follow our Facebook Page by liking Us.

A Brief Overview of Western Union

Western Union Exchange Rate Today: Euros, Pounds and Dollar to Naira

Western Union has been in operation for more than 150 years now (you can imagine its consistency), and they have over 480,000 agent locations across the world in over 200 countries. Their stands throughout these years have created lots of trust among users in sending and receiving money worldwide. In Nigeria, you can easily locate any of the Western Union Agents in Nigeria and carry out your transactions with ease.

Western Union has enabled transactions between families and friends, small businesses and corporate organizations across the world, this makes them the leader in global payment services. In 2015, they had a record of moving over $150 billion dollars for their customers across the world. They promise to continue their efforts in developing new ways to send money through digital, mobile and retail channels, with various payout options to meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

They have key functions such as;

Connecting people

Western Union creates an enabling and secure environment to transfer money between individuals. This means that families and friends can seamlessly and securely transfer money in ways that are most convenient for them; either by visiting a retail location nearby or by using the Western Union website or app to move money in a matter of minutes.

Connecting businesses

As there is a growing need for businesses around the world to move and transfer money among one another, the services of Western Union Money Transfer can come in handy. By just knowing the Western Union exchange rate between both currencies, transactions can be carried out by the business in two different countries in the world. According to the information on their website and I quote:

“We have answered these needs with Western Union Business Solutions to help navigate the global economy, including solutions for international payments, risk management, and cash management solutions that today help over 100,000 clients including the financial institutions, educational institutions, NGOs and small/medium-sized businesses needing to make cost-border payments”

Enable partners

WU connect is another platform of money transfer service you can get with Western Union. It is a global cross-border, peer-to-peer payment solution that enables partners to allow their users to send money to more than 200 countries across the world. It gives an opportunity for partners to offer their users the ability to send money to a qualifying bank account, select a mobile wallet or Western Union agent location for cash pickup.

Now, you have gotten some insight of what Western Union is all about, let me go back to my Nigerian readers who will like to know about the Western Union exchange rate today in Dollar, Pounds or Euros.

Western Union Exchange Rate Dollar to Naira in Nigeria Today, May 2020

The United States Dollar (USD) is regarded as the most traded currencies in the world today. There is hardly a person that does not know about the dollar, it is either you might have seen or heard about it. So, as a Nigerian who is expecting to receive money from a loved one in the United States of America, the big question you will be asking is how much is the Western Union exchange rate Dollar to Naira today? As someone who is sending the Dollars from America, it is also wise for you to know the current Western Union exchange rate so as to know the Naira equivalent you are sending if it meets the demands of your receiver. Well, you can always get the updated value below, the exchange rates are updated in real-time.

Western Union exchange rate today Dollar to Naira is: NGN 374.21 to $1

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Western Union Exchange Rate Pounds to Naira in Nigeria Today, May 2020

The British Pound Sterling (GBP) is the currency used in the various countries that made up Great Britain. It has an exchange rate value that is higher than the United States Dollars (USD). So, as someone is Britain sending money to a receiver in Nigeria through Western Union, or you are a receiver in Nigeria expecting money in Great Britain currency, you can always check this spot for an updated Western Union exchange rate of the British Pounds to Naira.

The Western Union exchange rate today Pounds to Naira is NGN 454.88 to £1

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Western Union Exchange Rate Euros to Naira in Nigeria Today, May 2020

The Euros is the currency used by countries that made up the European Union. It is as popular as the United States Dollar (USD) and the Great Britain Pounds Sterling (GBP), but I guess not as widely used as both. Both if you find yourself in any of the European countries and you want to send money through Western Union Money Transfer to Nigeria, or you are in Nigeria expecting a Western Union transfer from any European country, then you should get yourself acquainted with the current exchange rate.

The Western Union exchange rate today Euros to Naira is NGN 386.86 to €1

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Summary Of Western Union Exchange Rate in Nigeria Today, May 2020

The summary for the Western Union exchange rate today from the three major currencies in the world to Naira is:

Dollar to Naira: $1 to NGN 374.21

Pounds to Naira: £1 to NGN 454.88

Euros to Naira: 1 to NGN 386.86

Like I said earlier, you can always keep in touch with this page to get the current Western Union exchange rates for the three different major currencies in Naira. Simply subscribe to this blog, bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated always.

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