8 Tips to Increase Your Phone Battery Life in 2019

One problem every smartphone users is cautious of is the extent or rate of which phone batteries drains. Be it an android phone or iPhone, no smartphone is immune to low battery problems. But how can you keep yourself safe or limit this issue? In this post, I will be showing you 8 tips on how you can increase your phone battery life this year.

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8 Tips to Increase Your Phone Battery Life

If you really want to make your smartphone battery to last longer this year, below are eight tips that can be of help.

8 Tips to Increase Your Phone Battery Life in 2019

Use Black Wallpapers

If you phone has an AMOLED display (which is popular on Android devices than on iPhone), each pixel on the screen takes a little bit of power to light up. However, the more black pixels you have on your screen, the better it will be for your battery life. Set up or choose black wallpaper as your default, and you can try to use dark themes on apps when possible.

Use Airplane Mode

Normally, your iPhone or Android phone will always try to connect to a cellular network when possible and these drains down your battery especially if you are in an area with limited or no network coverage. Switching to an Airplane Mode from your settings when you are in such low network coverage areas can stop your battery from draining down faster. However, you should take note that you will not be able to receive calls when you activate this mode, but it is still okay since there is no network coverage in your present location. The main importance is to conserve your battery life.

Switch Off Your Location Services

Lots of apps both on Android and iPhone make use of “location services”. This can drain your battery life, so it is important you take note of this fact. This best you can do to save your battery life is to turn off this service, and maybe you can only turn it on when necessary.

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Be Aware of Push Notifications from Various Websites

Each time your phone receives web push notifications from various network, it lights up, Depending your settings, your phone can as well vibrate or make some sound. These settings runs down your battery especially if you are the type that receives lots of updates be it from social networks, emails or web browsers.

Clear Out Your Apps When you are Done using It

Even when you are not making use of an app, it can run in the background and gradually drain down the battery life of your phone. Android phones allow you to multitask with apps running behind the scenes. The best you can do is to “force stop” all the apps you are not using at the moment if you intend to conserve your battery life.

Keep Your Phone Cool

If your phone’s lithium-ion battery gets too hot, it will discharge its energy faster and could even degrade the maximum life of the battery overtime. Do not carry your phone in your pocket if you can avoid it (especially if your pants are too tight), and never allow your smartphone to face directly to the sun or in a hot car.

Lower the Brightness of Your Phone’s Screen

The brighter the screen of your smartpone, the more trhe battery drains faster. Lowering the brightness of your screen is easy, all you need to do is to go to your settings and turn down the lights to keep your phone running longer.

Turn off the Wi-Fi

This is another important tip, if you are not making use of your phone to connect to wireless internet, simple switch off the Wi-Fi. This will stop your phone from searching for networks thereby saving the phone battery life.


Every one of these tips do come in handy, and there are many others also. Use or follow them to increase your phone battery life so that you can make use of your device for a longer period.

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