NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card: Features, Price and Lots More

When you are talking about graphic cards on PC, the list will be incomplete without the inclusion of NVIDIA graphic cards. Few days back, NVIDIA took a step further to announce the Titan V, which is a prosumer graphics card based on the company’s brand new Volta architecture. The technology uses the 12nm process, which is more than the previous Pascal architecture used on the Titan Xp. The Titan V graphics card goes for $3000, and it is designed entirely with computer performance for people working on Artificial Intelligence, 3D rendering, deep learning, plus other computationally applications.

NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card Features

Let me introduce you to some features of the Titan V graphics card. A the heart of the Titan V, you will find the GV100 GPU, that was first seen on the Tesla V100 that was announced back in May 2017. For most of the parts, the GPU appears identical with 21.1B transistors, 5120 CUDA cores and 640 Tensor Cores. The Tensor cores makes it possible for certain computing operations to be carried out and it is able to handle them much quickly and efficiently rather than the standard CUDA cores. The Tensor cores coupled with the 1200MHz clock and 1455MHz boost clock, gives a single precision of 13.8 TFLOPS and double precision performance of 6.9 TFLOPS. Both having a slight difference of what the V100 can offer. The Titan V graphics card also boasts of Tensor performance, which is useful for deep learning operations.

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The area NVIDIA failed to excel is in the memory department. The Titan V has just 12GB of HBM2 memory with 850MHz, 1.7GB/s memory speed, 3072-bit wide memory bus width and 653GB/s memory bandwidth. All these are impressive values but not as impressive as the 16GB 4096-bit V100 memory with 900GB/s bandwidth . The Titan V graphics card has a TDP of 250W with one 6-pin and one 8-pin connectors.

NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card: Features, Price and Lots More

Looking at the external, the Titan V graphics card looks almost identical to the previous Titan Xp, except for the fancy gold colour. It has the same copper heatsink with vapour chamber design for cooling. At the back, you will find a three display ports and one HDMI.

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It is worth knowing that this Titan V graphics card was designed for compute applications. Though the price is high by consumer card standards, it is quite affordable when compared to other workstations class cards you will find in the market, such as NVIDIA’s own Quadro and Tesla graphic cards.

The Titan V is designed, aiming at getting into Artificial Intelligence or machine learning stuff and brings most of the V100 performance at a fraction of the cost. As usual, it is possible to game on it and it will use NVIDIA standard GeForce suite of drivers, but the performance won’t be anything better than last year’s Titan Xp. But with the Tensor cores it came with, the Titan V graphics card will likely be a ban compared to the Titan Xp when it comes to compute applications.

NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card Price

The Titan V graphics card is available at a price of $2999 and it is sold on NIVIDIA’s website. So, you can simply purchase your from there. Kindly air your view about your expectations or performance of the Titan V so far

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