Ways Of Increasing The Domain Authority Of Your Blog Fast

Increasing the Domain Authority of a blog is the desire of every serious blogger. It does not only bring respect and reputation of your blog, but it also gives it a preference in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).  If as a blogger you have not been paying attention to the Domain authority of you blog and planning strategies to improve it, then you might not be doing a favour to your blog’s SEO. In this post, I will be showing you some simple ways you can use to increase the Domain Authority of your blog or website.

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What is Domain Authority (DA) Of A Site?

Domain Authority (DA) is simply a grade or score (which ranges from 0-100) developed by Moz, which estimates how well a website or blog will rank on Google and other search engines.

A website or blog with a high DA score is likely to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) compared to other ones with lesser DA.

What Are The Advantages Of Increasing The Domain Authority Of  A Blog Or Site?

Increasing the Domain Authority of your blog or website will increase the possibilities of it ranking higher on Google and other search engines. Sometimes, you may have noticed from Search Engine Result Pages that a blog or website which has a low DA ranks lower than  blog or websites which have a high DA, even though the one with high DA have much less engaging content. This alone shows that Domain Authority is a very important ranking factor used by search engines.

4 Ways Of Increasing The Domain Authority of Your Blog

Ways Of Increasing The Domain Authority Of Your Blog Fast

1.Write Quality Content

So much articles have been written on the importance of quality content, hence the popular saying “Content is King” should not be a new thing to you at this time. Each and every of your blog post needs to have quality, and this can be achieved by writing unique and appreciable content. You need to write unique and quality content in order to attain a high DA score. As you maintain this practice, you will keep increasing the Domain Authority of your blog with time.

To write unique and quality contents you need to adopt the right strategies. It does not necessarily mean how many posts you publish in a day, what matters is the uniqueness and how relevant it is to your readers.

Content is what attracts visitors, so try as much as possible not to compromise it. You can uses images, videos or GIFs to make your content more interesting and appealing to your readers.

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2. Practice good On-Page SEO

Practicing good On- Page SEO is another powerful way of increasing the domain authority of your blog or website. It plays an important role in increasing your DA from low to high. On-page SEO involves using a tactical approach in optimizing each of your blog post for search engines. It includes optimizing your Post titles, images, meta descriptions, keyword placement, keyword densities and the use of header tags.

Below are some good On-page SEO practices you should always adopt:

Keyword density: Avoid keyword stuffing and maintain a keyword density between 0.5 to 1.5%.

Heading tags: Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to highlight main points, this is very important in On-page SEO.

Target a particular keyword: Choose a perfect keyword for each of your blog posts. You should always make use of long-tail keywords, because they are easier to rank. Always use your targeted keyword once in the first paragraph of your post, if possible.

Permalink structure: Always use an SEO-friendly permalink structure which contains your targeted keyword.

Meta description: Write meta descriptions for each of your blog post. Do not leave it blank, because it tells the search engine bots what that page is all about. Your meta description should contain your targeted keywords.

Place your keyword in all your post titles: The title of your blog post should be attractive and also contain your targeted keyword. It is better to start your post title with your target keyword.

Image optimizationOptimize your images to boost your SEO status. Reduce your image size to the barest minimum and always include image title and Alt text. If you are using WordPress, i will advise you install the WP Smush Plugin because it handles this job perfectly.

3. Using Internal Linking

Using internal linking to link to your older blog posts will make your current post more informative and captivating. But this is the major thing you should consider when doing this; only link to older post that are similar to the current one or link to post that have similar content to a point you just made. If you are an active reader of my blog, you will discover how i use this method strategically.

Internal linking helps search engine bots to find your site’s content and easily crawl them. They also help to spreading link juice and Page Authority (PA) throughout your website or blog. The overall importance of Interlinking is that it allows both users and search engines to easily navigate your website.

4. Build Good Quality Backlinks

This is the most important way of increasing the Domain Authority of your blog, that is why i have to save the point for the last. Please mark my word, i said “good and quality”, this means that there are some sites you should not bother to build backlinks from. Avoid spammy backlinks and only build one from sites with higher DA which have similar niche with yours.

If you are having a Tech blog, backlinks from health blogs will have little or no to value to your blog, hence try and build one from a tech blog with higher DA than yours. Building white hat and quality backlinks can be achieved through guest posting and other positive ways i will write about soonest. Backlinks from a high DA blog or site will catapult your own DA from low to high.

My Conclusion

You should not worry much about the DA score or keyword ranking if your blog or site is one or two months old. What you should do is to keep publishing quality content on your blog and your Domain Authority will improve as time goes on.

Domain age is an important factor in SEO. But, this does not mean that new blogs cannot rank high on SERP nor improve their DA. They surely can, but it will take more time and patience.  So be patient and keep the good work, your dream of increasing the Domain Authority of your blog must surely be achieved. Feel free to share your experiences and contributions in the comment box below.

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