Tips for a successful blog in 2017 And Beyond

Generally speaking, It is quite obvious that most of you bloggers are aiming at having a successful blog. For sure that is our goal, but there are roads that leads to success. First of all i will like you to think and ponder the difference between a successful blog and an unsuccessful blog. What are the things that successful bloggers do that unsuccessful ones don’t? For sure, there are things that successful bloggers do that their counterparts who are unsuccessful don’t even dare. In this post i will be giving you some tips that if you should strictly adhere to, you will end up being successful in your blogging career.

Tips for a Successful Blog

Blogging tips that makes a successful blog

  1. Have a purpose

If you really want to achieve any goal in life you need to have  a purpose, and the same thing goes for blogging. Blogging like we all know is eventually turning into  big career in this our present time, so if you want to build a successful blog then you should take it as a business. Do not just view blogging from the lay man point of view, which they say is all about buying a domain name, choosing  a blogging platform, then you start creating post. No! that is not what blogging entails.

To be  a successful blogger you need to define your purpose. What brand are you trying to create? What problem do you intend to solve? Who are your target audience? If you have figured out all these, then you are on the right track. Your purpose can include; sharing of tips in a particular niche, rendering advice to a particular group of people in the society, showcasing the latest trends in fashions etc. In  all, just have a goal and  purpose, know why you are creating a blog.

  1. Have a structure and discipline

Like i earlier said, blogging is a big business and to be a successful blogger or to build a successful blog you need to be structured and disciplined too. Obviously, it takes a whole lot of time in creating a blog post. Successful bloggers are aware of this, so what they do is to plan their schedules and structure how a particular blog post will look like. They do not just jump in  creating lots of meaningless blog posts in a short period of time that add no value to their audience. before creating a blog post, it will really help if you have like an organiser or a planner so that you can figure out where you are each day, and your next plan for tomorrow or the forthcoming week Follow this tip and you will end up being a successful blogger.

  1. Always post engaging content

Just like name sounds, “engaging contents” are contents that get users engaged or glued on your blog for a long period of time. It interests them and gives them more reason to come to your blog some other time. Try to offer informational services that your audience really want to know about. Do not think about yourself, but rather think about your audience and try as much as possible to solve their problems by writing engaging contents.

  1. Try to connect with your readers

Until you become a very big blogger, whereby you are choked up with several activities outside the blogosphere , try and always connect with your readers. You can achieve this by always replying to their comments (do not leave any comment un-replied), engaging them in polls, questions and answers, responding to their tweets etc. If you do this, you let your visitors to feel appreciated and happy about not just your blog but you in person.

  1. Create unique contents

In two of my previous post, i talked about unique content and now i m still repeating it again. If you want to be a successful blogger, avoid or abstain from any form of plagiarism, it is really bad. Create unique contents in terms of articles, videos and images. You can go as far as writing about topics that is not in existence before, but make sure it is serving a purpose to your audience. Let your writing defines the way you speak, make it so easy for your audience that even if they should come across your post in some other blogs, they will be able to identify you are the author even without reading the author bio. Experiment of what works for you not to do what other bloggers re doing. Be unique! and build that successful blog of yours.

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  1. Always learn to say “NO” sometimes

During your blogging career, a lot of opportunities might pop up, in the form of sponsored post, guest posting, campaigns or advertisement. You shouldn’t just give an open arm to each and every one of them, learn to say no sometimes. Choose the post or campaigns that re beneficial to your blog, it will be unwise to see a sponsored post about music on a health blog. The whole theme have been destroyed. Do not accept offers just because of the money, it will create a wrong impression to your readers or audience. You should also ensure that the sponsored post is going to render value to your audience.

These are my 7 tips for a successful blog, and i hope you like them. There are so many other tips out there that successful bloggers follow. So, i will like to round up this post by asking a question, what do you think successful bloggers do to make them arrive at such great success? kindly drop your answers in the comment box below, let us share and converse just like one family. Thank you!


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