NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements: Things Needed For NYSC Camp

As a Corps member preparing for his or her NYSC orientation course and training, the first thing you should be thinking of are the NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements. If you have proper knowledge of each and every one of these requirements, then you will have little or no trouble during your NYSC orientation registration and camping period,

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What are NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements?

 NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements: Things Needed For NYSC Camp

NYSC orientation camp requirements are simply the things needed for NYSC camp. They come in the form of items or documents you must carry along to the various NYSC orientation camps you are been posted to for your NYSC orientation courses and training. If what you are expecting to see in this post are requirements or things you will be needing for your personal use during the orientation training, then i guess you are at the wrong post. I will be writing an article on that very soon. The NYSC orientation camp requirements are documents you MUST carry along to the orientation camp.

The orientation camp requirements are compulsory for all corps members that is the reason why i emphasized on the word “must” in the last paragraph. If you do not have one or any of them, registering during the orientation exercise might be a little bit hectic and difficult for you, therefore you need to adhere to this to avoid future regrets. I decided to outline the requirements and address this issue because i will not like any aspiring corps members to fall victims of regret.

Foods, clothes and other personal items should not be a problem because you can easily purchase any of these in the various NYSC orientation camps. As you have collected your various call up letters and getting ready for a new and exciting NYSC adventure, get yours selves acquainted with the following NYSC orientation camp requirements.

Official NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements

The Official NYSC orientation requirements for corps members are as follows:

  1. Original Call-up Letter or Call-up Letter printed on-line
  2. Statement of Result endorsed by authorized officer with authentic signature.
  3. School Identity Card, including travelling Passport for Foreign-trained graduates.
  4. Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Optometrists are to produce evidence of Registration with their Professional Bodies.
  5. Prospective Corps members should go to Camp with Functional Account Number and Bank Verification Number (BVN) to facilitate online payment of entitlements.
  6. n addition, each prospective corps member MUST present Certificate of Fitness from a Government or Military Hospital showing his/her health status before he/she will be registered and admitted for the orientation course.

After your registration, you will be issued with your State Code Number. This will be like your PIN and identity throughout your Service Year. These are the major NYSC orientation camp requirements for aspiring corps members preparing for the orientation course.

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