Unique Content And Bad Guest Posting Habits

We are all aware of how Google and other search engines likes Unique content and dislikes contents that are not unique, but still yet some bloggers and other online writers play deaf ears on that. The worst of it all, is when it comes from someone that claims he or she wants to guest post on your site. It really irritates me whenever i hear that such still happens from guest posters, but i got really disappointed today when a guest poster tries to play a fast one on me. He never knew he was dealing with an expert. The picture below is the result of the content he sent to me as a guest post.

Unique Content and bad Guest posting habits

This post is targeted particularly to bloggers and webmasters who accepts guest post without accessing the uniqueness of the content. You are definitely allowing Google and other search engines to place your site on the black zone.

What Is “Unique Content”?

I am going to explain this first by using the English word “unique”, so that we can arrive at a better definition for Unique content

Unique simply means “unparalleled” “unmatched” “unequalled” or “one of its kind”. All these words are synonyms of the word unique. Giving a better explanation using “one of its kind”, it means that there is no other form of it in existence. Let us take for example, we all as humans have unique finger prints. No two people in this world shares the same finger prints. Another example is our various phones numbers which are unique to us. No two different people shares the same mobile number under the same network provider in a particular country. I am sure by now you are having a better idea.

Now, let us look at the word content.

I will jus explain this using the blogging terminology. Content from the blogging perspective is directly talking about these three things:

  • Article
  • Image, and
  • Videos

These are basically what makes up a blog post.

Now, merging both words together, unique content it simply means those articles, images and videos that belongs to you and cannot be found anywhere in the internet or blogosphere.

Okay, in some cases, some bloggers talked about websites you can get free images such as; Photobucket, Pexels, Flickr and the rest. Yea! they may be free, but still have in mind that you are not the genuine owner. Though Google does not frown at the use of free images from those sites, but to be on a safe side, if you can provide your own unique images on your blog, then fine.

Why Google Dislikes Duplicate Contents And Prefers Unique Content

Let us now look at the reason why Google doesn’t really like duplicate contents. For example, just imagine that you have a box with various spaces for the number 1 to 10 to fit in. You brought out the number “1” and you placed it in its position, you do the same for “2” and maybe “3”. In the same of fitting in the numbers to their respective spaces, you now discover another number “1”. Gosh! i am quite sure there will be no vacant space for it, because that position have already been taken and your next focus will be on some other numbers. That number “1” that is left out is termed “duplicate content” for it is not unique and already existing.

That is how Google sees an article or content that is not unique. It frowns at it, because there is no space for it to be stored in its database. Google bots love crawling on something new and unique.

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Bad Guest Posting Habits

Many guest posters never knew that the act of guest posting is a means of selling your brand to the public or another sets of users that are not yet familiar to you. Some will went as far as sending in copied or duplicate content and send to you to publish on your site, all they need is just back links. This habit is quite bad, and if you are already in the business please try to call it quit. You are not only harming your personality as a writer, but s well endangering the site of the person you are sending the guest post to.

Major Things To Check Before Accepting Guest Post On Your Blog or site

Before accepting guest posts on your site, please make sure you check on the following:

  1. Ensure that the author sending his or her guest post have a good track record of writing great content. He or she should give you a link of his or her previous article.
  2. Run a plagiarism check for each of the submitted content to check if the article is unique as claimed
  3. Watch the outgoing links, if they are actually linking to a site that is trustworthy
  4. The content must be detailed, unique and pass the right message to its readers
  5. Be picky, yes you need to. Do not accept topics that you have already written on your site. Let it be entirely different.
  6. Let the author know that he or she have no right to publish the same post on some other blog. You already know the dangers it brings
  7. Do not give out your administrator account, let the person send in the content and you will publish.

They may be many, but these are the few i can remember for now.

Always endeavour to create unique contents and never accept any duplicate contents from guest posters portraying bad writing habits. Thanks for reading and please drop your comments below for any addition or criticism.


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