Meet HyperLoop One, The Fastest Alternative To A Train

HyperLoop Technologies, a technology company, aim to design a means of transportation that is faster than a train. Their plan is to transport travelers across locations by using specially designed vacuum tubes which travels at superfast speeds. After revealing prototypes of their action plans, the company have conducted the first successful test for the HyperLoop pod.

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After the company promised a speed of 740 mph, at its peak, the HyperLoop pod only managed to reach about 70 mph during its first successful test held in Nevada, in the United States of America. Though it does not meet its promised standard of speed, the fact that the test did not fail. gives it a pass mark and a more reason to celebrate the entry of this next generation mode of transportation.

Meet HyperLoop One, The Fastest Alternative To A Train

The new invention is called HyperLoop One, and it is designed to propel you in pods through reduced pressure steel tubes right to your destination with the aid of a vacuum. This simply means you might be able to travel a very long distance in less than 70 minutes and very shorter one in 10 minutes, all depending on the distance apart between the two locations. But he HyperLoop One will sure convey you faster than a train once the new technology is finally put in place.

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A pod can basically move at an amazing speed of 1,080 km/h inside the tube on a cushion of air and can have 24 luxury seats or 50 business class or 80 to 90 economy class seats. This is made possible by the use of two technologies, which are:

  1. Electromagnetic propulsion
  2. Magnetic levitation

Meet HyperLoop One, The Fastest Alternative To A Train

 Ever since we started the company three years ago, we’ve been aimed at this moment, the instant when we achieve controlled propulsion and levitation of a Hyperloop One vehicle in a vacuum environment,

said Hyperloop co-founders Josh Giegel and ShervinPishevar.

What are your thoughts about the HyperLoop One? I guess you can’t wait to start using this faster alternative to a train, kindly tell us what you think about it by using the comment box below.

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