A New Technology That Can Reduce Your Battery Charging Time To Seconds

In one of my recent post, I wrote about a new battery technology in which saliva is used to generate power in a paper battery. Recently, a new team of researchers from Drexel University in Philadelphia are developing a new electrode design that could reduce the battery charging time to seconds instead of hours. This new invention will be a step forward, especially for the electric vehicle market, as it is currently plagued with issues like slow charging, low output etc.

The new technology is a continuation of the previous research done on supercapacitors as an energy storage device for portable electronics. The high-capacity capacitors have the capability of releasing energy in large quantities but cannot be used as a continuous power source as a result of low energy density.

A New Technology That Can Reduce Your Battery Charging Time To Seconds

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This paper refutes the widely accepted dogma that chemical charge storage, used in batteries… is always much slower than physical storage used in electrical double-layer capacitors, also known as supercapacitors,

said lead researcher YuryGogotsi about their study published in Nature Energy.

Thanks to a material known as MXene, they have combined the properties of a supercapacitor with that of traditional batteries to get the best of both worlds.

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We demonstrate charging of thin MXene electrodes in tens of milliseconds. This is enabled by very high electronic conductivity of MXene. This paves the way to development of ultrafast energy storage devices than can be charged and discharged within seconds, but store much more energy than conventional supercapacitors.

The research is still in its nascent stage, but at the moment it still looks promising. My wish is for this technology to come into reality in no distance time from now. After all, who would not want their portable device (such as smartphones) to charge in seconds.

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