How To Run iOS Apps on Windows PC Using iPadian Simulator, Download & System Requirements

Since the Apple App Store is exclusive to iOS devices, having access to the App Store is quite difficult if you have none of those. Many PC users today have searched for ways on how to run iOS Apps on Windows PC because they want to get the same excitement iOS users does. Maybe you are one of them, but the closest you can get to running iOS Apps on Windows is by using a Simulator or an Emulator. A good example is the iPadian Simulator. In this post, I will be introducing you to the iPadian Simulator and also show you how to run iOS Apps on Windows PC by using it.

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iPadian Simulator

iPadian simulator provides you an interface that looks just like that of an iPad, and it is the best iPad simulator for Windows PC. It gives you the opportunity to access all the apps and games on the PC with the help of the emulator, though you cannot expect all the apps to run on it. iPadian is available for free, all you need to do is to download and install it on your PC or Laptop from this link, in order to have access to iOS Apps.

The User Interface (UI) looks like that of an iPad or iPhone, and you can feel the touch while using it. iPadian comes in two versions; free and paid. While the free version is suitable for users who are seeking for means on how to run iOS Apps on Windows PC, if you need additional features then you have to opt for the paid version that cost just $10.

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iPadian Simulator Download: System Requirements

Before installing the iPadian Simulator on your windows PC, check the system requirements below and ensure it meets the standard.

  • Windows XP and above
  • At least 512MB RAM, but 1GB RAM and above is recommended for best performance
  • The download file size is 35MB, so ensure you have enough space to accommodate it
  • You also need to install Adobe Air on your PC

How To Run iOS Apps on Windows PC Using iPadian

  1. First of all download iPadian from the link I gave above
  2. After installation, you will find a folder on your desktop having the name “IPADIAN”
  3. Open the folder and launch the “ipadian.exe” file
  4. It then launches the alternative desktop that looks and feel like iPad home screen as seen from the image below

How To Run iOS Apps on Windows PC Using iPadian Simulator, Download & System Requirements

Om this new desktop as seen from the image above, you will find a clock bar at the bottom of the screen and a power button at the top right hand corner of the screen, which you can use to exit the application.

You still have access to your windows taskbar by clicking on the icon at the bottom right. Before you leave, I will like to inform you that the application is ad-supported, so occasionally, you will be seeing JavaScript pop-up ads while using it. That is all on how to run iOS Apps on Windows PC using the iPadian simulator. Kindly drop your comment based on your experience in the comment box below.

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  1. I only see the icons at the top of the screen , nothing at the bottom. The only way I can close the app is ALT+F4. I cannot get to Safari, Mail or anything else at the bootom.

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