How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Using Extensions and Tools

Do you have friends on your email list and you are still confused if they have existing social media profile? Or you have tried various methods to find hidden profiles with email addresses and all proved abortive? We have all been there before until we eventually find the solution to that quest. To ease you stress, I am going to show you ways you can find social media accounts by email easily, by just using free browser extensions and some web-based services.

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How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email

Finding social media profile by using email address can be achieved by using some existing free methods. Though before you arrived at this page, you might have experienced some difficulty trying to trace your friends and colleagues social accounts based on their email addresses alone. There are many free reverse email search engines people have used in the past to achieve this, and it have given them positive results. It uncovers information related to the email like social profiles, name of the owner, phone number and some other details.

How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Using Extensions and Tools

Why Should You Bother About Social Accounts Or Profiles

Well, this is the big question you should ask yourself before installing this extensions or making use of thus web-based services which helps to find social media accounts by email addresses.

I am sure your aim is worth it and that is why you want to give it a try.

Social accounts are actually the real identity of people online. For example by just searching for my name “Chibuzor Aguwa”, you are definitely going to land on my various social profiles all having my same identity and information.

Through social accounts, you can figure out someone’s interests, likes and dislikes just by going through his or various profiles. Whether you are an employer, parent, or an individual with romantic interest, having access to social profiles can make you know about your applicant, keep your children safe, or have an idea of the real life of your partner.  Social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus comes in handy in this aspect.

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That being said, you should also be careful because many people uses fake photos and misleading information on their various social profiles. You can use your intelligence to detect fake social accounts.

Extensions and Web-based Services Used To Find Social Media Accounts By Email

Hardly will you find an individual in the world today that does not have an email address, this makes it more easier to locate people’s social presence. For sure, an email address is always used during the process of registering a social account. Below are some tools you can use to find social media accounts by using email addresses.

  1. ManyContacts Chrome Extension

The ManyContacts extension is a useful tool for Gmail and Google Apps, as it provides you with information related to peoples social media account right in your inbox. All you are required to do is to install the free Google Chrome extension and you are ready to explore the social account of email addresses in your inbox.

How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Using ManyContact Chrome Extensions

After installing the Chrome extension, open you Gmail inbox and see how it works. Just like the image displayed above, the ManyContacts extension will automatically display the various social accounts linked to an email address. To get this information, just hover your mouse cursor over the name and the social accounts associated with that email will be displayed.

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This Google Chrome extension is not just limited to Gmail inbox, it works on web pages too. Simply open a web page and click on the ManyContacts icon located at the top right corner of your Chrome browser, and it will display emails listed on the web pages along with the social media accounts connected to it.

How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Using ManyContacts Extesnsion

The ManyContacts Chrome extension for sure offer the best way to find social media accounts by email, as Gmail is the most commonly used email service in the word today.

The ManyContacts extension is also very useful for bloggers and website owners like me. For example if you receive a comment that requires immediate attention from one of your blog post, you can easily find the social media profile of the commenter and reply directly to him on Facebook, Twitter etc.

How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Using Extensions and Tools- WordPress Comment Dashboard

  1. Lullar

The ManyContacts extension has some limitations, such as it cannot be used on a mobile device and it works on Chrome browsers only. If you are looking for an alternative, you can easily make use of Lullar which is a web-based service. All you need to do is to visit the website, key in the email address in the search bar and you will be given results of the various social profiles associated with the email address.

How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Using Lullar Web-based Service

It is free to use, and you can search for someone’s social profiles on more than 20 social networks. The website does not require any registration before you can make use of it, it works more or less like a search engine.

  1. Rapportive Chrome extension

Rapportive is another Chrome extension used to find social media accounts by email. But unlike ManyContacts extension, Rapportive Chrome extension only searches for LinkedIn profiles related to an email address. It is a useful tool used to know about the professional background of a person just by using his or her email address. However, this extension might not be useful to you if you are seeking for other social account information than LinkedIn.

How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Using Rapportive Chrome Extension

  1. Using Direct Social Network Search

While the above mentioned tools and extensions allow you to get social account profiles using an email address, you can also use alternative search from popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Most of these social networks have search bars that allow you to search for people by typing in their name and surname. These search bars can also reverse lookup a email address to find linked profiles. But if the email address is not a verified one, then you have to improve your search to get the social account information.

Having all these free tools and web-based services at your disposal, you can easily find social media accounts by email addresses anytime you want. But mind you, you should not use this method to stalk one someone because it is not worth it.

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