How To Use Unseen App To Hide Your Social Media Online Presence

Being active on social media is one thing, and not being in the mood to respond to unwanted chats and messages is another. There is definitely a time you feel like hiding your online presence on social media, just to avert some distractions. The good news is that you can actually achieve that with an application known as the Unseen App.

With the Unseen App, you can actually be online in you various social media accounts, yet your online status will be hidden to your various friends on the respective social accounts. Since it will be unwise for you to keep getting tons of messages and chats without responding to them because you are busy, it is better to just appear invisible.

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Be it on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and the rest, there are sometimes I really prefer my online status to be hidden, just to avoid unwanted chat messages like “Hi” and “Hello”,. This is where the Unseen App comes in handy for me. In this post, I will be introducing you to this app so that you ca easily enjoy your online privacy like me whenever you want.

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What Is The Unseen App?

The Unseen App is an application that allows you to read your friends messages on Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp etc without leaving any notice of “last seen” or the “blue double check line” as seen on Whatsapp. You can simply read their messages without them knowing have read it, and you can simply choose to reply if you wish.

How To Use Unseen App To Hide Your Social Media Online Presence

When you receive a message in one of your chat applications, it also get to the Unseen App. from the app, you can easily read the messages whenever you wish without a single trace of them knowing you have received or read the message. Is only when you decide to respond to their messages, the “seen” or “double check” notification will be seen by them.

Where To Download The Unseen App?

The Unseen App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. you can simply get it from here.

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How To Use The Unseen App

Using the Unseen App to hide you online presence is as easy as ABC. After downloading he app, simply grant it access to your contacts and you are all set,

I guess some of you might be using this application just like me, kindly give your contribution in the comment box below on the benefits so far you have derived from using the Unseen App .

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