8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018

Gone are the days when business are majorly run offline, and transactions between business owners and customers are done face-to-face. In this 21sy century, virtually everything about businesses have gone online. Small and large business owners can now manage their businesses right from their fingertips by using some mobile business apps. Let me introduce to you my 7 best free business apps for Android devices you can as well start to use from now on.

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC You Can Download For Free

  1. Skype

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018  (Skype)

Though Skype has a PC version, you can as well install the mobile version on your Android devices. The reason why Skype is one of my best mobile business apps is because it creates an avenue for live discussions between you as a business owner and your clients or customers. You can have a clean negotiation with your customer before carrying out any business transaction. Sky as a free business app, allows you to give a complete description of your product before the public. The social app is also flexible as you can easily have a secure connection on any of your Android device or PC. If you are far away from your office and you feel like having a live discussion with members of your staff, then Skype app comes in handy.

  1. Acumatica

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018 )Acumatica)

Every business needs a good accounting system which checkmates profit, loss and how money is been spent. Acumata is one of the best apps for business owners that manages accounts in a much more advanced way. It also gives you the opportunity to handle orders and enter time cards.

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  1. HappyFox

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018 (HappyFox)

if you have been in business for a while, you would agree that customers does not only order for products and services during business hours. Most of their orders are like uninvited guests, and they can knock on your door at anytime of the day without a prior notification. If your customer is experiencing any issue, then there must be someone available to render prompt attention. The HappyFox app is one o the mobile business apps that gives you the opportunity to have a clear conversation with your customers and know more about their queries.

  1. Microsoft Excel

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018 (Ms Excel)

Yes, it is popularly known as a PC software, but yes it does exist as an Android application for mobile device too. To upgrade your business from its root base to greater heights, you must have a complete record of your products and logs of sales. Microsoft Excel gives you the opportunity to save all your records in a more secured manner. A normal Excel spreadsheet has rows and columns and your data can be entered in a portion known as cells. Download this mobile business app on your device and get your business on the go.

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  1. Awesummly

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018 (Awesummly)

Awesummly can be grouped as one of the best business news apps of today. It keeps you updated with current happenings around the world, even at the comfort of your office or meeting room. The app summarizes news in just few words, and it is India first ever app based on Artificial Intelligence. Awesummly provides news in more than 22 different languages, which makes it useful for business owners across the world.

  1. Wunderlist

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018

Wunderlist is another free mobile business app you can use to manage your business online. This unique business app allows you to create endless number of tasks and share it any of your business staff members. You can download the app and explore its features.

  1. Toggl

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018 (Toggl)

Toggl is a project management app that allows you go keep track on all your projects and the clients handling them. It creates a pictorial interface where you can view the colourful graphs and beautiful sheets. If all members of your staff are using the awesome mobile business app, you can easily divide the job to make it quicker, and sync through the project management app to ease down your work.

  1. WhatsApp Business App

8 Best Mobile Business Apps For Android and PC In 2018 (WhatsApp Business App)

I actually saved this for the last because it is a new entrant. The WhatsApp Business App was launched some weeks back and it was designed to allow business owners interact with their customers effectively. The app was officially released for Android devices only which makes it one of the best mobile business apps for Android. At the moment, the WhatsApp Business app is only available in some selected countries, as it is still unavailable in Nigeria as at moment I am writing this post. However, Doctor Now, an online Healthcare Service provider in Nigeria is the only start up in the country that was selected to participate in the WhatsApp Business pilot programme. I will write about its features in one of my upcoming posts.

Have you been using some of these mobile business apps for Android already? Kindly share you experience and highlight some of their particular features you love the most. You can make you contribution by suing the comment box below.

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