5 Free Google Chrome Extensions For Your SEO Tasks

The Google Chrome Browser is for sure the best browser for PC and Android when it comes to internet surfing. I would not like to give an in depth review on this, but there are many other users that can attest to my claim. The Chrome browser was launched by Google in 2008, and since then it have attracted many daily users both on PC and mobile devices. My favourite part of it all is the Google Chrome extensions which you can easily install on your browser to carry out various, specific tasks.

Although the new browser add-on concept was not introduced by Chrome, as Mozilla’s Firefox browser holds that claim, extensions have been a game changer as it allows developers to design applications, themes and extensions for Chrome. The concept has the features of adding previously unavailable functionality to an a web browser. As someone who is mainly into blogging, I took my time to search for various Google Chrome extensions that suits my blogging needs.

Before I proceed, you should have it in mind that Chrome is not the only browser that have extensions. Other two main competing browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge (previously known as Internet Explorer) also make use of extensions.  Which means you can also install the SEO extensions I will be listing in this post in any of the other two browsers, but my love for Google Chrome stands sure.

Extensions and how reliable they are, forms a larger part why i prefer Chrome for my SEO tasks. Below are some free Google Chrome extensions that I use regularly for my SEO tasks and blogging needs.

5 Free Google Chrome Extensions For Your SEO Tasks

4 Free Google Chrome Extensions To Boost Your Site’s SEO

  1. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere tops my list of SEO Chrome extensions. Actually it was not long I started using this SEO extension¸ but ever since I stated, I now have a new and different approach to keyword research. The good thing about “Keywords everywhere” is that it gives you in depth details of any particular keyword, be it long tail keywords. You will get to see information like the

  • Keyword competitiveness
  • Monthly searched volume, and
  • The actual CPC of the keyword.

This details alone will enable you make an informed decision on how to chose the right keywords for your blog posts. It is wise you go for the ones with less competition so you can easily rank on SERP.

  1. Check My Links

By now you ought to know that broken links sends wrong signals to Google algorithm, so you need to place that in check. The dreaded “404 error” message is definitely not what you will like to experience. But the bad news is that finding these broken links can be a little bit difficult, especially in post pages that have thousands of words.

This is where the Check My List Google Chrome extension comes in handy. The extension will run through the loaded page on your site, and indentifies any broken link(s) or redirects that is found on that page. It also have the feature which allows you to export content to CSV format for further data manipulation or storage.

  1. Yslow

Site performance or website load time is another important Google ranking factor. This is the more reason why Google provides its own tool to check site’s performance, which is the Google Page Speed Insight. Though the Page Speed Insight is okay, it is somehow simple and does not check all factors that can affect your site’s performance.

In my list of Google Chrome extensions for SEO, the Yslow comes in handy to this effect. This extension runs different kinds of tests on your website, and gives you a comprehensive data report unlike the Page Speed insight. The reports includes;

  • DNS lockup requests
  • URL redirects
  • Missing expires headers to the lack of CDN (Content Delivery Network)

It also provides you with detailed ideas on how to increase the speed of your website.

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  1. SEO Quake

This is another important Google Chrome extension for SEO, in fact it should be a must-have. SEO Quake uses SEMRush data to provide a powerful SEO tool installed directly to your browser. Information you can get from the SEO Quake extension for Chrome includes:

  • The date your page was cached in Google
  • Keyword density
  • Backlink (and internal link) information
  • Best technical site information, and
  • Traffic statistics

By simply creating a SEMRush account, you will have a wide range of SEO information at your disposal via the SEO Quake extension on your Chrome browser.

Another important feature of the SEO Quake is its integration with Google search. Once you enable it, it adds a sidebar that allows you to produce a SERP report and to export the Google search result to MS Excel.

SEO Quake also has the option t provide SEO metrics after each SERP snippet. This makes it easy to see key metrics of the loaded page, before clicking on a link.

  1. Open SEO Stats

Open SEO stats comes 5th in my list of useful SEO extensions for Google Chrome. The extension provides an overview of the most commonly used SEO stats, and gives useful information like backlinks, web server hosting location, traffic stats (though Alexa), on-page SEO analysis as well as page speed analysis.

  1. Moz Bar

The Moz bar is another Google Chrome extensions for SEO, as it runs live (and is visible) in your Chrome toolbar at all times. It enables you to see the Moz metrics of the loaded site, such as the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) at a glance.

The enhanced view adds a range of information to the top of your Chrome browser, which means your PA and spam score is always visible in your browser. The Moz toolbar is specifically useful for link building, you can easily see the metrics of a potentially link target .


The Chrome browser is definitely an excellent browser for all your SEO needs, when you have the needed extensions installed. Although Firefox have add-ons for many years now, so also Microsoft Edge recently, Chrome has the best selection and most frequently updated SEO extensions.

The 6 free Google Chrome extensions I listed in this post can serve as a substitute for your various SEO tools (which you pay for). Make use of these tools and see how easy your SEO tasks will be. Do you have any other Chrome extensions for SEO that you makes use of? Kindly tell us some of them by using he comment box below.

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