How To Avoid Getting Tracked on The Internet and Maintain Online Privacy

On a daily basis, tons of individual data are been uploaded and downloaded on the internet and every single user is not left out of this game. The big question is, how safe is this data of yours that you do share on this network that is made up of users from all parts of the world. In this post, I will be showing you some simple ways on how to avoid getting tracked on the internet so as to maintain your online privacy.

Ever since the news about the Facebook Cambridge Analytica came up, many users of the internet renewed their interest about online privacy. Users who normally don’t read through the content of “Privacy policy” before clicking the “I Agree” button, are now worried about their data. It is quite logical to come to a conclusion that if a company like Facebook can be compromised, then absolutely no one can guarantee the safety of your data. Not to neglect threats from hackers and cybercriminals, which still trends till date. Knowing how to avoid getting tracked on the internet can thwart these cumulative threats to the privacy and safety of your data. Below are some best privacy tools you can use to secure your data online.

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How To Avoid Getting Tracked on The Internet With The Best Online Privacy Tools

How To Avoid Getting Tracked on The Internet and Maintain Online privacy

  1. Ad-Blockers

If you are conversant with surfing the web, you will discover that this phenomenon happens to almost everyone. That is when you visit any site on the internet to check out their product or services, the same product or services follows you all over every web page you visit on the internet. This is because ad system are designed to understand which site users visit, and then use an opportunity to re-market the same product or services.

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This is the core marketing model of all the search engines, free hosting providers, news sites, free software, etc. The good news is that we now have Ad-Blockers available in most search engines across all operating systems. These free ad-blockers does the job of blocking ads which ensures that the ad systems can no longer track you.

  1. VPNs

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is another good line of defence in securing your online privacy if you are looking for how not to be tracked on the internet. VPN hide your IP address and route you through their services located across the world. While people thought VPNs are only important to bypass a firewall, or to access blocked sites, in reality, VPNs can help you achieve a fair amount of your online privacy.

When you visit a website using a VPN, it will not be able to track your IP address, but the VPN provider may still have a record of the websites you are visiting ideally. You should always choose VPN located in countries outside the US or Europe as such companies do not store user logs.

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  1. Privacy Browsers

Most internet users believe that after using a VPN then using a privacy browser is not important. Well, they are actually wrong. This is because all standard browsers depend on what you do on the internet to generate revenue. “User tracking” is one of the activities that these browsers cannot avoid. You can opt for private browsers like Tor, Epic, or Dooble, as they provide features that secure your online privacy.

  1. Spyware Removal Tool

Still on the business of how to avoid getting tracked on the internet, Spyware removal tool can come in handy. Even if you are extra careful in downloading anything from the internet, some amount of Malware is bound to end up in your device.

A Malware monitor users data, or it can steal user information and send it across to someone else on the web. Malware can do a wide range of things which could be as harmless as monitoring software update to stealing all of your data. Even if you are using a full/paid version of an antivirus software, it is recommended that you also use spyware removal tools at regular interval to get rid of malware. Malwarebytes is reliable tool to get rid of all types of malware from your system, and stop your computer from being hacked.

  1. Anti-Keyloggers

Key-loggers are usually installed on systems as malware which records each keystroke you make on your device. This could easily mean that all the passwords you type are being stored in logs and could be used to commit fraud. While spyware removal tool also does the job of removing any keylogging software, installing anti-keyloggers could be the second line of defence. One of such software is KeyScrambler which encrypts every single keystroke you make on your device. The positioning and timing of encryption make it impossible for hackers to access your information and another good option on how to avoid getting tracked on the internet.

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