5 Best Chrome Extensions For a Better YouTube Experience

There is no doubt that YouTube is the undisputed champion when it comes to video content on the internet. This is as a result of the insane amount of videos available on the platform for free and its easy-to-use interface. With all the cool features, notwithstanding, YouTube is not totally free from flaws and shortcomings. Take for example, the video you are currently watching have to pause when you are using the video search option as it has to show fresh results, unless you intent running your search in a new tab. Another flaw is the lack of block button to get rid of videos you find annoying or have no interest in.

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There are many Chrome extensions that can effectively curb these little flaws and make you have a better YouTube experience. Below are some of the best Chrome extensions you can install today to have a better YouTube experience.

5 Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube

  1. Magic Actions

5 Best Chrome Extensions For a Better YouTube Experience - Magic Actions

Magic Actions offers a complete overhaul of functionalities that YouTube seems to be lacking, adding over a dozen handy features to the platform. Some of the popular shortcuts and features offered by this Chrome extension includes option to take video screenshots, automatic replays, adding a day and night viewing modes, transferring volume control to the mouse wheel or the right click button, video preview and ratings, cutting back on buffer, cinema mode with themes, and most importantly bypassing country restrictions.

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You can also use Magic Actions to block out annotations. The extension adds a button to the address bar that is seen only when you access YouTube. You can use different features included in this extension by simply clicking on this button, which then leads you to the ‘Options’ menu. Every feature on Magic Actions comes with its own subset of options that can be tweaked to customize your viewing experience. If you have to settle for just one extension to better your YouTube viewing experience, it has got to be Magic Actions.

  1. Turn Off the Lights

5 Best Chrome Extensions For a Better YouTube Experience - Turn off the lights

To get your attention focused on the video you are watching can be very difficult, because of the myriad elements in YouTube seeing for your attention. Unless you decide to opt for the full screen view.  Turn off the Lights extension eliminates these distractions by fading out the background. Though the cinema mode in Magic Actions extension can also serve the same purpose, the theatre mode in Turn of the Lights does a better job. Users of this extension also have the option to customize their settings by controlling the opacity of the background and setting the colour of the fade to their liking so that they are not stuck with the typical fade background in the black. The theatre mode can also be applied to other web pages besides YouTube. Once you have found the perfect setting for this mode, you also automate its application. In addition to this, the extension also has screensaver, night browsing, camera motion detection, password protection and voice command features.

  1. SmartVideo

5 Best Chrome Extensions For a Better YouTube Experience - SmartVideo for YouTube

Gone are the days when slow internet connections causes YouTube videos to buffer, and that is the more reason that YouTube users no longer have the patience to put up with videos stranded in buffering.  If you probably get suck as a result of slow internet speed, the SmartVideo extension can come to your rescue. The extension gives you complete control over the buffering process and can be configured to get YouTube videos to buffer as soon as you open YouTube instead of the normal method of buffering when a video is being played.

SmartVideo also automatically plays a video when the buffering is completed or reaches a point where the video can be played smoothly without interruptions. Additional features of this extension include hiding annotations, configuring video quality, looping all played videos, and hiding player settings. The extension can also be used for viewing videos on other sites.

  1. Adblock for YouTube

5 Best Chrome Extensions For a Better YouTube Experience - AdBlock

If you are familiar with YouTube, you will discover that your video will only play after the ad has been displayed for some seconds. This is the single most annoying part about this platform, and those 5 seconds before you can skip and ad looks like the longest 5 seconds ever. If you want to get out of this misery, then simply install the Adblock for YouTube extension on your browser. This extension was designed exclusively for YouTube to eliminate the ads rather seamlessly. The setup process for the extension is quite simple, and when you are done installing it, it works automatically to eliminate ads from your content without needing any intervention or prompting. This is exactly how an extension of its kind should work.

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  1. Video Blocker

5 Best Chrome Extensions For a Better YouTube Experience - Video Blocker

The Video Blocker is one of the best Chrome extension for YouTube as it gives you a better experience on the platform. There are just as annoying and inappropriate content on YouTube as there are interesting ones. If you do not want to see videos from a particular channel, the Video Blocker extension can automatically make it disappear into oblivion. Once you block a channel with this extension, its videos will not appear in your recommendations, search results or any other portion of your YouTube feed.

If you want to block videos using the Video Blocker extension, all you need to do is to right-click on a video and select “Block videos from this channel”. Alternatively, you can also block content based on keywords, channel names and wildcards. This extension usually comes in handy if you have kids using YouTube, even if it is on YouTube kids, and you do not want them to view negative contents which masquerades itself as “fun learning tutorials”.

In conclusion, these are my 5 best Chrome extensions for YouTube which you can start using today to enjoy a better experience on the platform. Share your experiences on the comment section if you have been using any of these already.

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