Hide Apps on iOS and Android Phones Using App Hider or a Simple Trick

I am quite sure every one of us have downloaded some apps we intend to keep personal, and we really do not want anyone to see them when handling our phone. But how can achieve this? How can we prevent others from making use of, or even seeing these apps we intend to keep personal? This is where App hiders comes to the rescue. In this post I will be showing how you can hide Apps on iOS and Android phones by simply using an application called App Hider.

We all know the importance of having a pin, password, or pattern lock for our devices. The limitation to all these is that they only prevent general access to your phone. I guess you know it is not right to hide your pin or password from your spouse, but you can certainly hide some personal apps from him or her even he or she can easily unlock your phone. This is why people are searching for the best app to hide other apps on iOS or Android devices.

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Hide Apps on iOS and Android Phones Using App Hider or a Simple Trick

Once anyone can unlock your phone, the person sees everything including those apps you might have considered private. Some people are so nosy, they can went as far as glancing through your image gallery, confidential files, or even checking your activities on Facebook and other social media networks. The more dubious one can even get important information like your bank account details, which will enable them to make online purchase from your account balance. This is the more reason why you need to hide Apps on iOS and Android phones, especially confidential ones.

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Best Ways to Hide Apps on iOS and Android Phones

If you are looking for the best way of preventing this unfriendly occurrence from happening, then you need to use this app called “App Hider”. Once installed and utilized properly, the next time an intruder handles your phone he or she won’t get to see that photo, video or important file you intended to keep away from him or her.

Though there are some apps designed basically for iOS or Android phones to function as an App hider, there are also some best ways to hide Apps in your phones. There are some simple tricks you can use to hide your apps, especially on iOS devices.

Let me show you some of them.

How to Hide Apps on iOS Devices

If you have an iOS device, all you need to do to hide your apps is just by using a simple trick. Downloading an App Hider might just be consuming your device memory. All you have to do is to first of all create a folder which you will have to release in a dock. To achieve this, you will need two folders.

The first folder is for you to drag those apps you want to hide in it. After that, you now drag the first folder into the second folder. This simply means you now have a folder within a folder. Now the trick is this, you can change the name of the folder into an unattractive name, that won’t really give a clue to what is inside.

Now tap on the second folder and highlight folder one, so that you can drag the folder one out of the folder two to the dock area. In the course of doing this, folder two will disappear and wait until it goes before releasing the folder one into the dock.

Once this method is concluded, you won’t find any apps on your screen anymore even including the folder, but you can fetch the app you want by typing the name of the app you have hidden using the search bar. This trick is so simple and at the same time very effective.

How to Hide Apps on Android Phones

Hiding apps on Android phones is quite easy as well, and you are left with two options. It is either you download an app hider or you carry out a simple Android tricks too. App hiders you can download and install on your device include:

  • App Lock
  • File Hide Expert
  • Keep Safe
  • Hide App-Hide, etc

These app hiders will give you a more organized and stress-free hiding options. These app hiders allow you to drag in any apps you want to hide in them, and you can protect them with a pin or password of your choice. Using these app hiders will prevent intruders from gaining access to your confidential or personal apps or files.

The other simple you can use to hide apps on your Android phone is to download an App hider inclusive launcher like Nova Launcher. The Nova Launcher has an app hider feature included in its settings area. It is for sure one of the best launchers to hider Apps on Android Phones.

All these are just the summary of the simple ways you can hide apps on your iOS or Android phones. You can simply send in your contribution so far while using an app hider. Use the comment box below so share your personal experience.

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