How to Download Videos and Images from Discord Using Phone and PC

Discord is an app which is basically popular to gamers or anyone who uses Zwift, or other web apps where having a chat server running alongside your game to boost the experience. It Is simply a free chat app that allows you to discuss game play while playing the game. You can also download upload videos in Discord. In this post, I will be talking about how to download videos and images from Discord using your phone or PC.

Yes! You can easily upload and download videos and images on Discord. Though it is not what the app is all about, but it is basically possible. The only limitation while doing this is the 8mb file limit. That file size cannot accommodate lengthy videos, and it allows just few seconds of HD or a slight longer SD video. There are ways you can bypass that limitation, of which you will also find in this post.

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How to Download Videos and Images from Discord Using Phone and PC

How to Use Discord

Discord has a very simple and straightforward setup, and how to use it. The major requirements are; the Discord app, a login account, camera and microphone. With all these, then you are good to go. Luckily, the app has Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android you can make use of any depending on the device you have. You can also run the Discord app on your browser if you don’t want to install it directly on your device.

How to use Discord? Simply:

  • You can download the Discord app and install it on any of your device
  • Set up an account if you do not already have one.
  • Set up your camera and mic.
  • Join a chat server.

That is all in setting up and using the Discord app.

If your camera and microphone are already functional and registered on your computer operating system, Discord should recognize them automatically. If it was not recognized automatically, simply go to settings and add them manually. You can as well select video quality and configure the look and feel of the app while using it.

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The first moment you find yourself in the Discord environment; there are chances that you already know what chat server you should join. But in case you don’t, you can make use of the search engine within the app to navigate games, chat rooms, or subjects of any kind. Though it was originally designed for gamers, there are lot more you can enjoy from the app than just game streams.

How to Upload Images and Videos in Discord

If you have recorded an epic video or want to share a short video online, Discord is not the first place you should think of. Though you can upload files, but there is an 8mb limit as I have clearly stated before. That size is enough for images, but not perfect for videos. If you have a video clip under this limit, then you are fine. But if it is larger, there are couple of steps you need to take to upload your video.

The simplest way you can upload a file to Discord is to drag and drop it on the app. This while dynamically pick up the file and allow it to upload.

Another method is to select the small upload box next to the chat bar at the bottom. This will open up your file explorer and allow you to link the file that way. Simply select upload once you have chosen the file of your choice.

If the video you want to upload is larger than 8mb, then this is the step you need to follow.

You need to use cloud storage and add the link to Discord. Most cloud storage services are free, and allow you upload files up to 1GB. You can upload your files on one of these cloud storages and link it through Discord. Your friends will then be able to follow the link and play the large video.

You can also use Google Drive, OneDrive, YouTube, Dropbox or other cloud storage to store the video and link.

How to Download Videos and Images From Discord

Downloading from Discord is also as easy as uploading. To download any file from Discord, all you have to do is to right-click the file and select download. The file will then be downloaded to your default download location where you can access it and view or play it later.

Discord is a very simple system that allows file sharing, though it is not designed specifically for video. It is perfect for those super short videos fewer than 8mb.

If the video was uploaded to a third-party service, there is an extra step or two involved. You will need to follow the text link provided in Discord chat to the service hosting the video. There should be an option somewhere to download. Either a button or right click dialog that will let you save the video for later. As long as the uploader permits downloading, this should be enough to get you that video.

Discord is not designed for image or video sharing, but it allows this to a certain degree. The 8mb is a limiting factor for videos, but there are lots of ways you can go about that as I have indicated in this post.

Do you know any other ways on how to download videos and images from Discord? Or you have other favourite third-party service for sharing media through the app? Kindly tell us about it by using the comment box below.

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