Best ERP Software Companies You Can Try Today For Business Growth

In the business world, the word “success” takes up varieties of forms. To some, it is tied down to the level of products you are able to sell to your customers, ability to maintain the standard of regulations set by enterprise bodies and to the rest, your effectiveness in delivering 100% successful campaigns targeted at marketing. In this post we shall be looking at some ERP software companies you can give a try, in order to set your business moving on the right part.

Every smart businessman or woman knows that there is much work to be done when it comes to pushing your business forward whilst staying ahead of every competitor that comes your way. The resource to make sure that these two aims are achieved can quickly become burdensome thus resulting in overwork. Pen and paper will slow down the work (mostly ineffective in almost all cases).

What is the way forward?

Conducting your everyday business through pen and paper is just inefficient. However, a major breakthrough in technology has yielded better results in recent years. One major solution is the use of ERP software companies.

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Best ERP Software Companies You Can Try Today For Business Growth

The companies understand that there isn’t enough time, and in the midst of your tight schedule lose the set focus you aimed at while starting up and running your small, medium or large business. The services these companies offer you are:

  • A simple yet effective method of integration that involves you planning and controlling main business processes in real-time.
  • Proper sales and finance tracking, production and great service delivery, coupled with important factors like inventory coordination. A larger share of the world’s best ERP software companies will offer you a great product and marketing planning.

In today’s blog post, I have taken my time to carry out deep research and selected five amazing ERP software companies you can give a try.

Shall we begin? Yes of course. But before we do, ERP simply stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. So do not get it twisted.

Top 5 ERP Software Companies

  1. Veeqo

Primary focus:  An outstanding management tool that provides retailer with an all-in-one platform

Available on: mobile, Web] Areas covered: dispatch, inventory and Sales| Cloud-based: Yes | Allowed integrated platforms: eBay, Shopify and Amazon| Demo available: No

Pros and Cons

  • It can be easily integrated on multiple platforms
  • It allows mobile support
  • Runs on a centralised platform

There are more than hundred resource planning solutions targeting particular parts of business and investment on the internet. Out of the many, Veego- a welsh tech startup is one that stands out. Its software offers planning and resource management for many businesses in the retail industry.

If you run an ecommerce website, you will agree with me that keeping up with demands and tech problems can be worrisome, especially when it comes to attending to orders and sending off items to buyers.  No need to worry anymore as Veeqo automates the process of buying and selling online.

The service allows users to track orders, finances and inventories. It also comes with several integrations that you will find super useful. It is available on mobile and on the web, while providing with data from your tracked finances, orders and inventories.

  1. Apprise

Primary focus: To provide manufacturers with effective planning software

Available on: mobile, Web| Areas covered: labour, dispatch, inventory and Sales| Cloud-based: Yes | Allowed integrated platforms: None| Demo available: No

Pros and Cons

  • Allows you to sell and manage goods with ease
  • Supports Android and iOS apps
  • Non-availability of integrations
  • No specific details on pricing

Another great ERP platform with outstanding result is Apprise. The software is designed with manufacturers, importer and distributors in mind. The company provides its users with real-time, practical ways of keeping an eye on their business. It is available on Linux, windows and Macintosh.

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It also makes it possible for companies to get their hands on daily performance data, sales, financial records and analysis of profit. For manufacturers and retailers, you can now track sales, labour and costing simply by logging in.

The platform is secure on the cloud and is frequently baked up so you need not worry about data loss. Like the previously discussed Veeqo app, users too can do some amazing things through their mobile app. Their apps are available on Android and iOS.

  1. Abas ERP

Primary focus: All in one solution for smaller firms

Available on:  Web only| Areas covered:  dispatch, inventory and Sales| Cloud-based: Yes | Allowed integrated platforms: None| Demo available: Yes

Pros and cons

  • It is entirely Web-based
  • It is very simple to use
  • Does not give room for integrations
  • Pricing is not made public

If you run a small or medium business and you are currently in search of effective ERP software companies. I highly recommend this software; it is almost perfectly made for you. It has varieties of features ranging from proper order management tools, planning and scheduling to following the production models of your business.

The system also comes with an editor that allows you to create workflows that are easily customisable and can be linked to the main ERP solution. You will get nothing on pricing but you can try their free demo and then move on to decide if you wish to continue with them or not.

  1. SAP Business One

Primary focus: A top dog that has almost everything

Available on:  Web and mobile only| Areas covered:  dispatch, inventory, finance and Sales| Cloud-based: Yes | Allowed integrated platforms: MS Outlook| Demo available: Yes

Pros and cons

  • It is of great worth
  • Allows for easy Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Can quickly become heavyweight for you
  • Inability to provide fast and easy purchase option

The ERP system is an all-round one. It is very powerful and delivers efficiently to help managers and companies make the best of decisions. It features data collection of customers, suppliers and partners. It easily handles the financial aspect of the business such as budget, general ledger, maintenance of account and foreign currencies.

SAP Business One can also seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook. What this means is that you can easily share and exchange and data quickly between the two wherever you are. Lastly, it sends off useful reports on each areas of your business.

  1. ERP Mark 7

Primary focus: An ERP with every solution

Available on: mobile, Web| Areas covered: HR, dispatch, inventory and Sales| Cloud-based: Yes | Allowed integrated platforms: None| Demo available: 30 day

Pros and cons

  • It covers a lot of functionality
  • Not too hard to customize
  • It functionality may be too much for some business to handle

Like its competitors, ERP Mark 7 also covers some parts of businesses. It’s highly customizable feature provides your company with very important information that are up to date. This helps you make better decisions and save time as a stakeholder in the company.

Some of its abilities include but not limited to: streamlining supply chains, collection and organization of order and shipping information, finance and HR functions and lastly, maintenance and manufacturing. It primarily targets many businesses that possess complex plans and experience complex growth. It is mostly used in parts of the work force centred on services, health, retails and manufacturing and distribution.

These are some of the world’s best ERP software companies that you can try for your business today. It doesn’t matter if you run a small, medium or large company. The above software’s will cause a lot of profitability in your business.

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