6 Best ERP Software For Small Business You Need To Know

Running a business while still tryingto find an all-in-one solution to challenges facing your business does not always come easy. Each business demand different timing, productivity levels, customer order etc. This is why we have researched and compiled the best ERP software for small business of various fields of life. This software’s are useful in sectors ranging from ecommerce to manufacturing etc.

6 Best ERP Software For Small Business You Need To Know

Best ERP For eCommerce

  1. Trade gecko

The motive behind TradeGecko is to help revolutionize all of your management operations in your inventory. With its cloud based platform, you can easily perform series of operations ranging from sales, important operations in management and purchase. All of this becomes possible as soon as your sales channel is connected to TradeGecko.

It also offers business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce portal that allows users (wholesale) directly sell products to retailers through designed storefront. TradeGecko provides you with the functionality to report sales, ability to manage customer relationship, demand forecasting and performing accountability functions.

The platform also allows integration with stores such as Magento, Amazon, Woocommerce and Shopify. Accountingsoftware’s such as Xero and QuickBooks,shipIT and Shipstation shipping software integrates flawlessly with the platform. TradeGecko supports a wide variety of popular and unpopular currency and tax types. As a user, you can receive in real time, updates and reports that help you better track items in your inventory.

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Best ERP Software For Small Business in the Construction Industry

  1. Premier

Jonas Premier is a cloud based solution built specifically for the construction industry. It’s pricing is neither expensive nor under-priced. It works great for medium sized businesses and even better for small sized businesses in the subcontracting businesses.

Some features of this software include modules working collectively to form a suite with almost every accessible tool to make your construction job very easy. The modules are inventory, job costing, accounting, project management, time, expense etc. Notable features of the program are easy integration with Microsoft office, excel uploads, forms that can be quickly customized etc.

This software is web-based and can be easily accessed from any internet space across the world. There is complete lack of hardware to purchase setup or maintain so the cost of startup does not exist. It would interest you to know that there are three levels of help on every page; this makes it very simple to learn and use on a daily basis.

Best ERP for Wholesale Distribution

  1. Epicor

Epicor Distribution Suite is built on a windows-based platform and SQL database. It provides solutions to wholesale distributors on a best-of-breed basis. It is highly recommended for people who work in fields such as medical, plumbing, petroleum and electrical. There is a wide range of available applications to aid you in aspects of your business such as purchasing, accounting, management of orders, management of inventory and transportation.

Another awesome feature is its business analyzer. With it, you can easily convert data into business intelligence which you can then adapt and optimize its processes quickly.

Because the software is built around a window system, learning to use it becomes much simpler. SQL database are usually flexible and this allows you react to changes that occur in the market. This ERP software for small business is very suitable for any size of wholesale companies.

Best ERP for the Food Industry

  1. Bc food

BcFood is a product designed by Beck Consulting to support the needs of companies that deals in food products. Simply put, it is specifically made for food. It doesn’t matter if you are a grower, manufacturer, processors, packers, shipper or brokers; bcFood is just too right for you. Beck Consulting has had over 25 years of experience creating software’s for the food industry so you can imagine the functionality of options you will be provided with.

It is easy to learn because of the platform it is built on; Microsoft Dynamics NAV (the best-selling ERP application across every continent in the world). In fact, it is quite similar to Ms Word, outlook and Excel in terms of interface.

It also packs a powerhouse of features like trade management, recipe definition, quality EDI, advanced notifications, grower accounting, workflow capabilities, CRM, workflow capabilities, business intelligence, license plating and mobile warehousing. The program also supports real=time visibility into all relational data models and transactions.

Bcfood is one of the most highly flexible software that can quickly change shape to fit all business size regardless of the work needed to be complete (as far as the field is supported). It also runs frequent stable maintenance that reduces IT operational costs.  You can either decide to install on-site, access from cloud or hosted.

Best ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

  1. Apprise

Apprise is a perfect product if you are someone who is into manufacturing, distribution and import of goods and services. It comes with a system that is fully integrated with amazing features. This great solution showcases great functionality like logistics, business intelligence, financials, manufacturing, retailer compliance, transportation and every other thing you will need to increase business efficiency and acquire insights.

Apprise is built to make manufacturing processes a whole lot easier. It simplifies the process of production to product delivery. It features mobile compatibility which can be accessed through devices such as IOS or Android application.

Best ERP for Process Manufacturing

  1. Batch Master

BatchMaster is a solution that is built specifically to meet the needs of process manufacturers. It is very perfect for individuals who work in the following fields: pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical and food manufacturing. It is also available as an add-on to QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, 300 ERP, SAP Business one and Sage 100. It comes with an integrated system with modules that encompass costing, mobile data collection, production, RD formulation, scheduling and compliance.

BatchMaster gives you the functionality to easily control expiration date, quality status, strengths and lot number with units of measurement. You can also change formulas to suit a specific order at the click of a few buttons. Reports, auditing, labelling, shipping and transactional documentation will keep you in agreement with the industry regulations.

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It is clear that there is quite a good number of ERP software for small business solutions available for a wide range of industries and processes. However, deciding the right ERP software that fits your business needs can significantly cost you money and time than you can afford. If you still find difficulty in picking one, you can employ the service of software advisory. They provide you with expert; IT centred buying advice to help you locate the solution to take your business to the next level.

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