New Airtel Double Data Offer for Heavy Internet Users Released in May 2018

I must confess that when it comes to Data offers amongst telecommunication industries in Nigeria, Airtel is really setting the pace at the moment. The latest Airtel Double Data offer that was released in the month of May 2018 is actually mind blowing. Well, at the moment, I cannot really say if all Airtel subscribers in Nigeria are entitled to this offer, but my line is quite lucky to be among the pack. This post will give you a proper insight about the newly introduced Airtel Double Data Offer, how to subscribe for each data plan, and the amount of data you will get got each of the plans.

Airtel Double Data Offer

I guess you might be interested to know how I actually got this information since no general email was sent by Airtel Nigeria to their customers. Well, I have been on the Airtel network for many years now and for sure a constant data subscriber. It was just this morning I tried to dial the normal *144# in order to subscribe for the 3GB data that cost just N1,000, but lo and behold the image you will find below is what I got.

New Airtel Double Data Plans

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This actually means that the Airtel Double Data Offer has been massively increased by the Telecom company, and this will directly favour heavy data users like me. Just like I said from the beginning of this post, i can really confirm if this offer is available for all Airtel Nigeria customers. You can try and see if you SIM is eligible for this offer by following the steps below.

How To Subscribe For The For The Latest Airtel Double Data Offer

To confirm if your SIM is eligible for the new Airtel Double Data Offer, and how to subscribe, simply dial *144# and you will receive a prompt revealing the available double data package you can subscribe for, depending on your choice and pocket size.

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New Airtel Double Data Plans

The following are the available data plans in the new Airtel Double Data Offer. Just like I said before, your choice is directly dependent on your internet needs and the available airtime you have in your SIM. Just select the number 1,2, or 3 with respective to each plans.

  1. 9GB + 1GB Night/Monthly for N2,500

With this plan, it actually means that you will get a massive 9GB you can use at anytime of the day, and an additional 1GB which you can use at night. This sums it up to a total of 10GB at the cost of just N2,500. The validity period for this plan is 30 days.

  1. 11GB + 1GB Night/Monthly for N3,000

This plan offers a massive total of 12GB of data for just N3,000. Just like the first plan, the 1GB extra data can only be used at night while the 11GB data can be used at anytime of the day. The validity period for this plan is also 30 days.

  1. 15GB + 2GB Night/Monthly for N4,000

This is the very plan that looks really appealing to me and every heavy data users like me. With just N,4000, you will get a massive 15GB of data you can use at anytime of the day, plus an additional 2GB data you can use at night. This sums it up to a total of 17GB for just N4,000…all I can say is wow! The new Airtel Double Data Offer is just the next big thing.

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This is all you need to know at the moment concerning the new Airtel Double Data Offer released in May 2018. Simply dial the code *144# and see if you are eligible for any of the plan, subscribe and start surfing the net. If your SIM is eligible for this plan or you have started enjoying it already, kindly give your contribution in the comment box below. And hey! before you leave, don’t forget to share this post to your friends and families. use the social share icons below to pass the message across to various social media platforms.

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