10 Best Android Apps in 2019 for Better Smartphone Experience

Most people have smartphones, but sometimes I do ask myself “how smart are their smartphones really are”? But do you know you can boost your smartphone experience by installing the right apps? In this post I will be revealing to you the best Android apps in 2019 which you can install today to make your phone smarter.

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You can find so many apps available for download on Google Play Store, but among them all, the ones you will find in this post are the best when it comes to doing their job. Below are 10 best Android apps in 2019 that will boost your smartphone experience.

10 Best Android Apps in 2019 for Better Smartphone Experience

10 Best Android Apps in 2019

Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, you can make your smartphone to be an actual assistant as you can ask it do perform some tasks for you. Even when you are very far from your phonie, by simply saying “Hey Google” will open up this app and make it fulfill your request. Be it calling your phone contact or activating other apps on your phone, Google Assistant sure comes in handy in a smarter way.

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Tasker is a very versatile app. It can produce unique shortcuts for your app without the need to reprogram it. Once you install this app, you can choose from a myriad of commands with a simple tap. Tasker also have a wide selection of downloadable extra commands if you cannot find what you want in the current build.

Google Allo

This is another app from Google, and it allows users to respond to messenger chats with their voice. This is makes it to be one of the best Android apps you need to have in 2019. The Google Allo app is perfect for people on the go or for situations where you cannot type easily like in a jam-packed train. Make sure you install this app on your phone if you always find yourself in this type of situation.

Dark Sky

Unlike other weather apps, Dar Sky is reliable as it updates its weather news every minute. It allows users to know when the rain will stop and other useful information which will make you adjust better to the weather.  It is for sure the best Android app for weather.


Waze is a highly trusted route-finder app. The app is great not only for drivers, but for commuters as well. Users can use this app to make adjustments from traffic jams and crowded areas so as to avoid being late for appointments or getting stranded in unmoving traffic or immense crowds. This is one of the best Android apps for navigators.


I guess there is hardly any blogger or article writer than haven’t heard about Grammarly. I can say it is one of the best Android apps for Bloggers or article writers. Instead of you as a writer to rely on dictionaries or autocorrect, Grammarly can not only correct you on grammatical errors but also educate you on them. This gives you an opportunity to literally learn from your mistakes instead of removing letters and hope the red underline just goes aways while typing.


Pacer is a pedometer and fitness app. This app will function for the whole day and records your fitness progress, even if you are walking or driving a vehicle. The app also has a community where you can mix your fitness goals with fun games to motoivate you further.


Socratic is one of the best Android apps for education and homework. When it comes to homework, you can rely on this app to provide answers to your questions. Simply snap a picture of the problem, and it will look for the needed answers for your homework, be it Mathematics, Economics, History or Science. The good news is that this app is also free, which means you can just download it from the Play Store and start to use it right away.


IRIS app is perfect for you if you are one of those who use their phone for long hours, especially if it is part of your job or business. IRIS will help you manage your screen brightness to reduce eye strain and pain. This can help you sleep well expecially if you are looking at your phone before going to bed.


Lyra Lyra is the last but not the least in this list of best Android apps in 2019 that can boost your smartphone experience. This assistant app may look similar to the competition, but it has a sense of humour to set itself apart from the rest. With its “Tell A Joke” feature, Lyra assistant app is never boring as it helps you locate places nearby, open up apps while you are on the go. Lyra generally helps you when you are having a busy day.

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