How to Block and Unblock Numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Are you making use of any Redmi smartphone and you are planning to install a third-party call and SMS blocker app? Hey! That is just a complete waste of time and storage space on your device, because there is a pre-installed feature that can help you handle that task. In this post I will be showing you how to block and unblock numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones without installing a third-party app from Google Play Store.

Maybe you are like me. I am just that kind of person that hates installing tons of apps on my phone, I try to limit them. One an app can perform a function; I see no reason downloading another app that performs similar function or need. That is why I am going to teach you how you can use a default feature to block and unblock numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones. If you could remember, I have once written a post on how you can block and unblock numbers with Infinix phones too without installing a call and SMS blocker app. I like making life easier for people…hehehe!

I guess you might already have your reasons for restricting a particular number or numbers from calling your line or sending you an SMS? Yes! We have all be there before. You have tagged the owner of that particular number as “Spam” hence tou dint want to get involved with his calls or messages at that particular moment. It could even be forever, de[ending on your choice.

Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Xiaomi is one of the top leading phone manufacture in China, they lots of lineups in their Redmi series that are quite affordable and comes with decent specs too. The good phones for those of us in Nigeria is that Xiaomi launched its presence in Nigeria on April 24th 2019, meaning that Nigerians can now purchase Xiaomi phones easily here in Nigeria, with full confidence that the phone accessories are now accessible in the country too. I just bought a Redmi 6A last month, and I must confess the phone is wow! I updated to the latest MIUI 10 on Sunday, June 2nd 2019 and the new user interface is something you want to see.

I will be creating a Youtube video on this post, so you can watch it and get a feel of what I am talking about.

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How to Block and Unblock Numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Now you have gotten your Xiaomi Redmi Phones, let us move to the business of this post, which is how to block and unblock numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones. I will divide it into two sub-headings and treat them differently.

How to Block Numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones

To block or restrict a number from reaching you on your Xiaomi Redmi phone, just follow this steps:

  1. From you display, locate the “Security” app as shown in the images below and tap on it to open
Security App on Xiaomi Redmi Phones
  • In the new tab that will open, scroll down until you locate icons as shown in the image below. Note the “Blocklist” icon among them and tap on it.
Security App Display on Xiaomi Phones
  • Another tab will open as shown in the image below. This displays the number list you have blocked from calling or sending you an SMS. Mine has none because I have not blocked any number yet. Tap the gear icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen.
Bllocklist Display on Xiaomi Phones
  • The image below is the display you will see next. All you have to do now is to tap the “Blocked numbers” portion.
Blocklist Display showing how you can add blocked numbers
  • It will now take you to another page where you can add blocked numbers to your list. Tap the “Add” button. A pop up will now display requesting the means you want to use to add the number. Through Phone number, Prefix or Contact, all depending on your choice. You can use contact if you already have the number in your contact. I will choose phone number just for the case of this post
Various options to Add numbers to Blocklist in Xiaomi Phones
  • From the new window, type in the phone number you wish to blocklist and click “OK” at the top right-hand corner. You can also choose if you want to block just call, SMS, or both.
Adding numbers to Blocklist on Xiaomi Phones
  • Finally the list of numbers in you blocklist will be displayed as shown in the image below:
Blocked numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Once you have followed these steps, be rest assured that you can never receive calls or SMS from the blocked numbers in this list. If after some time you want to revert the process, then follow this nest steps.

How to Unblock Numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones

To unblock a number so that you can start receiving calls and SMS from it on your Redmi phones, simply follow these steps.

  1. Follow the same steps from 1 to 4 under the heading “How to Block number on Xiaomi Redmi Phones”. You now see the blocked number(s) in your list as shown in the image below. Now tap “Edit”
Unblocking Blocked numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones
  • From the new display, you will now have options to “Select” and “Delete” the number from the list.
Select and Delete Blocked Numbers on Xiaomi Redmi Phones
  • A pop-up will show asking if you want to cancel or remove these numbers from blocklist? Just tap on remove. The number will then be removed from the list.
Remove Blocked Numbers Pop-up

After you have removed the number or numbers from your blocklist, you can now receive calls and SMS from that same number on your Redmi phone.


These are simple ways you can block and unblock numbers on Xiaomi Redmi phones without downloading a third-party call and SMS blocker app. Save yourself some hassles, because it is a simple DIY method. And also do not forget to buy affordable Xiaomi phones from the links I dropped above, you will be glad you did. You can also subscribe to this blog for more useful tips coming from the tech world. Your comments will also be appreciated, drop them in the comment box below and let the discussion begin.

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