Gmail for Android Will Have “Dark Mode” in the Nearest Future

We have seen lots of dark themes in 2019, and it seems to record the highest in the history of operating system. Both Android and iOS are getting official system-wide dark themes. They are not left out, because Google and Apple are also busy working on adding dark themes to all their mobile apps.

Gmail for Android Will Have “Dark Mode” in the Nearest Future

The latest that wants to join the bandwagon is Gmail for Android, but don’t start jubilating yet because it is still more of a work in progress. Although, it does show up for some people running the latest version of the app.

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At the moment, the dark theme is only there in Gmail for Android app’s settings. You cannot find it in the main window or the sidebar. Sad news is that it chooses to come on and off whenever it wants to, and users don’t have control over it. This is because there is no toggle to enable or disable dark mode.

I am very sure Google is putting in some more work to turn this into an actual full dark theme for Gmail, and it will be released soon, or at worst, when Android Q comes out in August 2019. It will be sad for Google Pixel owners who now uses dark themes to discover that built-in apps such as Gmail o=is still not supporting it. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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