iOS Users Can Now Create GIF Files Using Their Facebook Camera App

Anytime Facebook releases an update, different users do have different opinions regarding the change. Some will love the update, while some do not. But on countless occasions you will get to see many users that will hate the changes. However, this latest feature will not attract any negative feedback to the social media giant. What is the latest update all about? Facebook is gradually adding an in-built GIF (Graphics interchange Format) creator to its Facebook Camera App.

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Like we all know, animated GIFs only last some few seconds, so it goes same with the one you will be creating with your Facebook Camera App. The content can be anything you can capture using the camera. You can create a GIF of your baby trying to walk, or your kids making funny faces. You also have access to a variety of fun effects and frames to personalize your GIF.

Currently this new feature is only available to people who uses their Facebook Camera App.for iOS. Even with the latest update, there are no Android users that have attested to the features been installed on their Facebook Photo App. However, with the popularity of GIF files all over the internet today, it is likely that this feature will be available to Android users as well in the nearest future.

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This is indeed a positive development in many ways. For example during the course of an argument, when you begin to see so much negative comments on a post, you can create your own personalized GIF that could make someone laugh. This is not the first time that Facebook is introducing animated GIFs to their users. For some weeks now, Facebook users have discovered that they can now add a small animated GIFs in their post comments. The introduction o f the GIF creator in the Facebook Camera App will sure move the social media platform to a positive direction.

How To Use The Facebook Camera App GIF Creator

To us the GIF creator of the Facebook Camera App, all you have to di is to swipe left to access the camera, and you will see the option to record your own GIF at the top of the screen as shown in the image below.

IOS Users Can Now Create GIF Files Using Their Facebook Camera App

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