Meet Volterman, The World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Have you ever thought of having some new innovations in that boring leather pouch you call a wallet? It will be a great idea if it is a more techy, regarding the technological age we are presently. Well, let me introduce you to Volterman Smart Walet which incorporates a couple of utilities as well as theft prevention systems in that boring leather pouch you are probably fed up with. The Volterman claims to be the World’s most powerful smart wallet because of its features, take a look at these features below;

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Meet Volterman, The World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Features Of The Volterman Smart Wallet

1. Built-in Powerbank

Anytime the battery of your mobile phone runs flat, then this smart wallet can cme in handy. The Volterman comes in various built-in power bank options ranging from 2,000 to 5,000mAh, that allow you to charge your smartphone on the go. It also comes with a bundled iPhone 8 USB-C and microUSB cables, but even though you forget to carry any of the cables along, the Volterman powerbank can even charge your phone wirelessly.

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2. Distance Alarm

This feature is designed to help the forgetful and careless people today. The Volterman is designed with a Bluetooth “distance alarm” feature that does not only notify you every time you leave your wallet behind, it also sends alarm signal whenever you leave your phone behind as well.

3. Thief Detection Camera

This innovative wallet come with a small camera, placed strategically, which captures the face of the wallet thief.

4. WiFi Hotspot

Another utility that this world’s most powerful smart wallet has is a WiFi hotspot. It eliminates the need of having a portable hotspot, and it allows you to create your own private network with its global WiFi hotspot capabilities.

5. GPS Tracking

And the last utility feature you can find in the Volterman smart wallet is a worldwide GPS tracking. This feature is useful if you ever get to misplace this super smart wallet-powerbank-hotspot all put together.

Volterman Smart Walet Price

Currently, Indiegogo is running pre-orders for this device, and the price of the Volterman goes for just $238 and Rs. 15,000. You can grab your copy now!

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  1. The story of Volterman started when the founder, Azat Tovmasyan, lost his wallet on several occasions. He started to think about developing an easy way to find it. He felt the need even more when his 3-year old daughter hid the wallet behind the stove. He thought that it was lost, and spent more than a month getting the documents inside reissued! He started to search the market of smart wallets, but all the smart wallets had only a Bluetooth tracking within 20 meters. Azat later launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise just a few thousands dollars for the project. Volterman was well received and the response was overwhelming. Azat already raised over $2 million in funding. He has reached 2281% of its total funding goal.

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