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Reading and trying to retain what you read can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when you have a short time to prepare for an exam or test. If you normally find yourself in such situation, there is good news for you. There is a new type of font that can help you boost your memory power, it is called Sans Forgetica.

Melbourne-based designers in partnership with behavioural scientists at RMIT University have invented this new font, known as Sans Forgetica, which ironically makes reading more difficult. The font has broken and disjointed structure as you can see from the image below, which makes it more difficult to read than most other fonts.

Sans Forgetica; a new Font that will Boot Your Memory – Download Here

The initiative behind this design is to make your brain work harder while reading, this males your focus to increase as well as your retaining capacity. The “desirable difficulty” you experience while reading information formatted in Sans Forgetica makes your brain to engage deeper processing. Though the extra effort will just take a fraction of a second more, but the good news is that this font seems to be working. It does help readers retain that extra information compared to the text you read in fonts like Times New Roman, Arial and the rest.

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A study recently conducted among 400 university students, discovered that they experienced a small increase in memory retention after using Sans Forgetica compared to Arial. Students reading texts formatted with this new font were found to remember 57% of the text, compared to 50% when reading in Arial.

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Though the statistics do look promising and all experiments came out positive, it is unlikely that people will prefer using this font as part of everyday reading. But for examination burdened students, Sans Forgetica can for sure be of great help.

Where To Download Sans Forgetica For Free

If you are looking for where to download Sans Forgetica for Android or PC for free, you can simply CLICK HERE and get all you need. Feel free to share this post by using the social share buttons below, you never how useful it will be to your friends and families on various social media.

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