Countries where Bitcoin is Illegal or Restricted – The Complete List

The curiosity of various Bitcoin investors to know the Bitcoin banned countries list or Bitcoin illegal countries list has been on increase these days. They just want to be sure they are doing the right thing, or just gambling with their hard-earned money, with respect to the regulations or laws in their respective countries. Again, with the present volatility nature of the cryptocurrency market, one needs to be sure he is doing the right thing. In this post, you will get to see the list of countries where Bitcoin is illegal or restricted. The list is being updated periodically, so you can easily bookmark this page for regular check if your country has been included.

Another purpose you should get yourself acquainted with this the list of countries where Bitcoin is illegal or restricted, is because you might travel to one of these countries someday. Therefore, kindly note them in order to avoid some misunderstanding while you visit any of them, and you intend trading with Bitcoin.

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The publicly available data as seen from this page (updated yesterday) revealed that there are currently 10 countries where Bitcoin is illegal and 9 countries where the usage of Bitcoin is restricted.

NOTE: The changes to the financial ecosystems in the below mentioned countries are not fast enough to update. Therefore, the list cannot be 100% accurate but at the moment, it is of great importance for you to know.

Countries Where Bitcoin is Illegal

The Bitcoin illegal countries list is as follows:

  1. Afghanistan;
  2. Algeria;
  3. Bangladesh;
  4. Bolivia;
  5. Pakistan;
  6. Qatar;
  7. The Republic of Macedonia;
  8. Saudi Arabia;
  9. Vanuatu;
  10. Vietnam

Countries Where Bitcoin is Restricted

The Bitcoin banned countries list is as follows:

  1. American Samoa;
  2. China;
  3. Ecuador;
  4. Egypt;
  5. India;
  6. Indonesia;
  7. Morocco;
  8. Nepal;
  9. Zambia

Interactive Data Revealing Bitcoin’s Legality Globally

Countries where Bitcoin is Illegal or Restricted - The Complete List

The “Bitcoin Legality by Country” map reveals that currently, Bitcoin is unrestricted in 110 of 251 listed countries/regions. 9 countries restricts how Bitcoin can be used, 10 countries banned the total use of Bitcoin, and the remaining 122 countries do not made their opinion about Bitcoin public.

Like I said from the start, you can bookmark his page, so that you can easily have access to the list of countries where bitcoin is illegal or restricted. Kindly share this post and also give your contributions in the comment box below.

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