Poland University Admission Requirements For International Students

Poland is such an exceptional country that is termed to be wild. There are few countries like Poland in the entire Europe, with such a long history of resistance groups, fighters and real-life phoenixes who raise stronger from their own ashes. In my last post, I wrote about Poland education for international students, and the information contained in the post was quite beneficial to many. To things easier, this very page will reveal major information you need concerning Poland University admission requirements for international students in case you are planning to further your education in the European country.

Poland University Admission Requirements For International Students

The poles have a nice culture, and they also have a good relationship with visitors entering into their country. In addition to that, the country have low cost of living with multitude of universities. Little wonder, Poland has become one of the most preferred destinations for international students worldwide to further their education.

Poland University Admission Guide

In order to enable you experience and application process, here is a small guide which you can easily follow:

Choosing the Right Degree Subject in Poland

The first thing you ought to have in mind is choosing your discipline. In case you have not arrived at a choice yet, you can conduct a research to know the most popular courses you can study in Poland.

Choosing the Right University in Poland

Previously, I compiled a post on the top 10 cheap universities in Europe for international students. Universities in Poland are also very cheap too, when you compare them to the rest in Europe. Some of the best Polish universities are:

University of Wroclaw, in Wroclaw;

Cracow University of Economics, in Cracow;

Poznan University of Economics and Business, in Poznan;

University of Gdansk, in Gdansk;

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, in Wroclaw.

Poland University Admission Requirements for International Students and How to Apply

When you are aspiring to gain admission into any Polish university from your country, the first concern you should have is securing a visa. Poland us a member of the European Union, so definitely EU/EEA students will not be needing a visa. Meanwhile, if you are coming from a non-EU/EEA country, you should start to prepare for the necessary documents and setting appointments as soon as possible.

The consulates and embassies in your country will handle your paperwork, and the Poland website for foreign affairs will help you with your Polish Visa applications.

To make studying a bit easy for you, you can check if you qualify for a scholarship in Poland. Though there are quite a few, you can still try and find our if any of them suits you.

Where to Apply for a Master’s Degree in Poland

To apply for a programme in any of the Polish universities, you need to first of all access the university’s page and follow their guide. Unlike some other countries, Poland does not have a certain website where you can make a general application, and then send to a list of universities. You will have to spend time visiting the websites of each university.

You can access the StudyInPoland website on the internet; you will find lots of frequently asked questions and other information about life in Poland. The information you will get from the website will reveal to you other things you should consider before moving to Poland. They also have a list of featured Polish universities on their homepage, so you can easily find phone numbers, courses, e-mails and information about each of them.

Language Requirements for a Polish University Application

If you want to study in Poland, you will be needing an English proficiency certificate. The application for both visa and your Master’s programme require proof of your understanding of English language. You should invest your time and effort to sit for one of the following tests:

  • C1 Advanced

General Application Documents to Study in Polish Universities

There are minimum requirements that all international students must reach in order to be admitted into a Master’s programme. The list includes:

  • a matriculation certificate or equivalent document;
  • an English proficiency test.
  • Also, the most common admission documents required by Polish universities are:
  • undergraduate diploma or an official duplicate (issued by the university);
  • candidate’s CV with the details about the school and professional career optionally;
  • one academic reference and one personal reference;
  • filled out application form;
  • 4 passport-size photographs;
  • copy of the candidate’s ID;
  • proof of English language proficiency (unless the first degree was taught in English);
  • medical certificate with no contraindication for studying;
  • admission fee payment receipt.

Poland University Specific Entry Requirement

If you are applying for a Master’s degree programme in the department of arts, teaching profession, physical education, medical or technical universities, you will have to sit for an additional aptitude test. Also, depending on your programme of study, other specific entry documents may include:

  • notarised secondary school certificate or an official duplicate issued by the candidate’s high school;
  • a supplement to the undergraduate program diploma or a copy of your Bachelor’s thesis.

Poland University Application Deadlines

In most situations, the academic year at any university in Poland consists of 2 semesters, which have 15 weeks duration for each.

  • Beginning of October: Fall semester starts;
  • Mid-February: Fall semester ends;
  • Mid-February: Spring semester starts;
  • End of June: Spring semester ends;
  • Beginning of July – end of September: Summer vacation.

Application deadline dates vary from one university to another, but the common dates are:

  • Application deadlines for EU students:15 September (the latest)
  • Non-EU students: 15 July-15 August (the latest)

First Step You Should Follow After Receiving Your Acceptance Letter

Below are shortlist of things you should start with and the errands you need to run once you arrive in Poland.

As an EU/EAA students, though you might not need a visa, but no matter what country you are coming from, you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit. This is because your  Master’s degree programme will surely be longer than three months.

You should also endeavour to call your university’s International Relations Office and get more information on the more practical aspects like arriving in Poland, medical care and insurance, driving license and more.

If you are a non-EU/EAA student, for the visa, you will need to buy a medical insurance in your home country or immediately after you arrive. If you do not have all these covered, you will have to pay for every health services you will get in Poland, and that will cost you a good amount of money. The EU/EAA students are not exempted from this. They should also get their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), or else they won’t be eligible for free health insurance while in Poland.

This is a complete guide on Poland university admission requirements for international students and more. Before you leave this page, kindly use the social share buttons below this post to share this information on your various social media pages.

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