Poland Education For International Students; Fees and Other Information

I am sure you must have heard about the Masurian Lake District, or the beautiful Tatra Mountain, they are all located in Poland. These are some of the tourist sites you will see in Poland if you are planning a trip to the country for study purposes. You should also take note that Poland have some of the oldest universities in the world. Most of the institutions are specialized in courses like Medicine, Maritime Services, Economics and so on. This post contains some important information about Poland education for international students.

Poland Education For International Students

Poland have over 400 higher institutions which gives admission to about 1.5 million students (both international and indigenous) yearly. Poland is a very accessible European country, which has strong history and broad perspectives. The tuition fees in Poland institutions are also below the European average, while there are great rewards when you study in Poland. Below are some important information you need to know about Poland education for international students, and all about this dynamic European country. Take a look at this List of Canadian Universities Without Application Fees For International Students

Poland Education For International Students; Fees and Other Information

Tuition Fees in Poland Universities

While Polish indigenes do not pay tuition fees in public universities in the country, international students are charged with fees established by the universities. The Poland education for international students fees are as follows:

  • 2,000 EUR for BSc, MSc degree courses and professional studies
  • 3,000 EUR for Ph.D, specialised and vocational courses.

Private universities in Poland have average tuition fees of 50,000 EUR per year, depending on the level of education and specialization. You can also apply for a public university and compete with Polish students. However, admission into a public university have higher difficulty than in a private one, and you will b enrolled in a programme taught in Polish.

Cheap Universities in Poland For international Students

Below are some cheap or affordable universities in Poland for international students

  • Warsaw University of Technology;
  • University of Information Technology and Management;
  • Poznan University of Life Sciences;
  • Poznan University of Technology;
  • Medical University of Lodz.

Student Living Costs in Poland

Like I said earlier, Poland is an accessible European country, and the good news is that it has a pretty stable economy. Students will spend an average cost of living that ranges between 400 to 650 EUR per month. You can also adjust your budget depending on the city or area you reside in. Big cities such as Warsaw and Krakow will cost you between 500 to 850 EUR per month. You can also checkout some Cheap Universities in South Africa For International Students To Choose

Accommodation Costs in Poland

Housing is of major concern in Poland since it represents 37% of the total monthly budget of the country, according to a European study. International students who wants to study in Poland may find options in University residence halls or private rental apartments that can also be shared among students. In addition to that, most universities in Poland have services dedicated to students who seek to stay off-campus.

Accommodation cost in Poland is a bit above the European average of 200 to 300 EUR per month. However, private rental apartments have high standards. Below are some of  the costs of housing in most of the cities in Poland:.

  • For students who live alone: 350-400 EUR/month
  • Students living with partner/child: 450 EUR/month
  • Students living on university campuses: 169 EUR/month

On-campus accommodation is not too accessible to students. Only 12% of students live in residence halls and 57% of them are satisfied with the services and housing itself. A one-bedroom apartment in Krakow will cost you around 290 to 390 EUR per month, while Warsaw has apartment prices of 350 to 460 EUR per month.

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Some Other Costs Associated With Accommodation

When you are living in Poland, apart from your rent, you will also encounter some additional expenses which comes from utilities. The basic utility expenses are electricity, heating, water and garbage, and they will sum up to a total amount of about 155 EUR per month for an 85sq meters apartment. An additional expenses could be categorised as the two months deposit that many landlords will ask when you move into your rental apartment.

Feeding Cost in Poland

Feeding for an international student usually costs around 100 to 150 EUR per month. You can actually save some money if you wish to buy groceries and you shop from low-priced grocery stores or supermarkets. Some of the popular ones are Auchan, Tesco, Leclerc, Carrefour, and Lidi.

You can enjoy a good meal in an accessible restaurant for only 5 EUR or pay 23 EUR for a three-course meal in an average restaurant for two. If you want to go for a light drink, it will cost you only 2 EUR.

Transportation Costs in Poland

Public transport is one good option for students, who pay just 50 EUR for a semestral pass, available for 6 months. Many of the cities in Poland have nice panoramic views and routes, so you can easily walk by foot. If you enjoy transportation by car, as 18% of the students in Poland, you will pay around 1 EUR per litre of gasoline.

Extra Study Materials For Students in Poland

During your study period in Poland, you will need to purchase books, research magazines, and other products. These are necessary in most cases, and can be purchased from some universities. However, it is advisable to purchase them from bookstores with old or used products, in order to save you some amount of money.

Funding and Student Support

When you are studying in Poland, you can also support yourself financially through scholarships and funding programmes. Here are some good options you can apply for:

  • Scholarships offered by the Polish Government or bilateral agreements with other countries
  • Financial aid for citizens from developing countries and specialised scholarships
  • Awards and EU programmes
  • Student loans or part-time jobs


Studying in Poland is a worthwhile experience, and I wish you can have a feel of it. This post on Poland education for international students will really be of help for you if you wish to fulfil that desire, as it contains some major information you will need. Before you leave this page, kindly share this post on various social media of your choice, because your friends and family who wants to study in Poland might also be needing this.

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