How To Buy Data From Your GTBank Account

In this post, you are going to learn how to buy data from your GTBank account without moving an inch from where you are. The *737# dialing code optin have made it possible fr you ti buy data not only for yourself, but you can also spread the love to numbers of your family, friends and colleagues as well. Read on as you learn how to buy data from your GTbank account.

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GTBank otherwise known as Guaranty Trust Bank is for sure one of the best, reputable and reliable bank in Nigeria and Africa at large. Their services are quite indispensable and they try as much as possible to make transactions and life as a whole, easier for their customers. As a proud customer of theirs, the benefits i am deriving from banking with them is quite innumerable,  and the latest of them all is the ability to buy internet data directly from my GTBank account with just a dial.

How to buy data from your GTbank accoint

There are lots of internet users out there in Nigeria and definitely i am among those that tops the list. Most at times we get stuck during the process of internet usage, and we always receive notifications such as this “your data subscription have expired” and the likes. Such experience is even worse when it happens in the midnight. How can we get ourselves off such stress? How can we experience a smooth usage of internet data with just a simple dial?  This is where your GTBank account comes in handy.

How You Can Easily Buy Data From Your GTBank Account

To buy data from your GTBank account is short and simple, but you must meet the following requirements first:

  1. You must have an account with GTBank
  2. The phone number you intended to dial the code from must be the one registered with your GTBank account.
  3. Your account balance must be up to the amount of data you intended buying

Having met with the above requirements, to buy data from your GTBank account simply dial:

*737*4*1# for 1.5GB of data, at the rate of N1000

*737*4*2# for 3.5GB of data at the rate of N2000

Validity of both subscription is 30 days.

Buying data directly from your GTBank account is as easy as this. A Please note, this offer is open to all network subscribers in NIgeria, such as MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat.

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