5 Link Building Facts Every Blogger Should Know

Link building is still a powerful off-page SEO technique till date, but there are some facts a new blogger should have at the back of his head when engaging on this pursuit. As effective as link building is, it does not come as easy as you may think, that is if you want to achieve a worthy link through the right way. In this post, i am not going to teach you any link building strategies, but i just want to get you acquainted with some facts about link building.

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5 Link Building Facts Every Blogger Should Know

You really cannot blame a newbie when they get confused building links. After all, the law governing SEO by various search engines such as Google and the rest, are not readily available. In fact, the quest for SEO involves travelling through stormy waters if indeed you want to get to your final destination. With so many so-called SEO freelancers out there using black hat techniques to acquire links from spammy sites, many serious bloggers are cautious when it comes to link building. In fact, the act of building links is at the moment attracting some atom of negativity in even the most enlightened blogger and online marketer.

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You might have already heard that link building is a long-term strategy that requires perseverance and patience, but check out some 5 facts about link building you might never knew before.

5 Link Building Facts You Must Know

1. Getting Too Many Links Quickly Is Detrimental

If you have ever come across a blogger whose site have incurred Google’s penalty, then i guess you might have knowledge of what i am talking about. This will scare you of getting too many links quickly. But the fact is that, the penalty is not incurred as a result of the amount of links or the pace at which it is gotten. Actually, you will not be penalized for getting lots of link juice from reputable sites with low spam scores. But how many is really following through this route?

As long as you play by the rules using white hat link building techniques, you can actually get as many links as you can in a short while. What you should stick to your mind is that you are building a temple and not a sand castle, so you should be patient and apply common sense.

If you are trying to build links from sites with high spam scores and questionable content or you are using a shady SEO freelancer who constantly throw up couple of spammy links to your site, then be sure of attracting Google’s surveillance to your site. This might actually get your site penalized. On the other hand, if you are focusing on relevance, quality, authority and popularity, there is definitely no such thing as acquiring too many links too fast.

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2. It Is Right To Ask For A Backlink To Your Site

Many newbie bloggers have been asking this question, “will i be penalized by Google when i ask for a direct link”? The answer is definitely a NO! We all know that websites needs backlinks in order to improve their ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and also to increase their DA (Domain authority). Therefore, one of the best ways of getting links is by asking. There is no point when an article your site name or product is listed inside, is being published on another site, and a backlink is not given to your site. If you provide materials or relevant information, then it is proper for you to ask for a backlink.

When it becomes a wrong link building practice is when you offer some sort of payment for the links, or excessive link swaps or any form of bribery. These are all bad signs that will appear on Google’s radar after a while. But if you are doing it the right way, there is nothing wrong in asking for a direct link to your site if it is worth it.

3. It Is Okay To Get More Than One Link From The Same Site

Up till now, you might be so entangled in the world of “link diversity”, which explains that you need to build links from different sites. It is true that a site having links from so many different sites is a search engine friendly one, but that does not mean you cannot build more than one link from a particular site.

You should remember that while you are embarking on your link building efforts, you are at the same time looking for traffic to your site. So, if you are having 5 links on 5 different pages from a popular site that is sending traffic to your site, then i think that is cool too.

4. Links From Non-relevant Sites Can Also Be Useful

Though it is true that search engine looks for relevance and reason a website will link to your page, that does not exclude the fact that off-topic links are not useful too. In fact, the reverse is actually true. Seeing as how off-topic links are almost always editorial, they can be the best type of links because they are earned links. It’s also much less likely that your competition has these kinds of links.

As Google’s bots get more sophisticated, they no longer look only at sight relevance or the link source. They look at the whole context of the link and the text around the link. So, a high-quality article is always useful. Off-topic links are in no way going to be seen as manipulative links either. So, if a site has written an article about your company and is a trustworthy source, relevant or otherwise, it can boost your SERP ranking.

5. Domain Authority Is Not Actually Everything

If you are the type that so worship “Domain Authority”, then you need to take a chill pill a little. Domain Authority can be a proof or an indication of a site’s influence and worth, but it is not everything. Domain authority is a machine learning system that looks at all the metrics and calculates a score. Domain authority doesn’t take into account whether a site gives good quality editorial links, has the ability to rank you higher or even send good traffic to your site. In fact, some of the highest domain authority sites don’t have the highest traffic. You can conduct a research and maybe quote me wrong.

Domain Authority can definitely be a help, also does spam scores, but you should not always judge a book by its cover or a website by these metrics. They may be a new website and have few links, but if they are high quality sites, do not worry too much about their domain authority.

Now you have seen some facts about link building, try to ask yourself if you need to amend some of your already laid down rules. If you are only looking at the DA of a site, then be sure to also consider other factors. If you are the type that is in a haste to gather too many links, then always remember to apply white hat techniques all the time, and apply common sense. Link building is not actually a rocket science, so use your sense and you will definitely improve your SERP ranking along the way. Let me hear your thoughts, kindly use the comment box below.

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  1. The article is good.

    You can ask for Backlink but it should look like a resource type and not like reciprocal link.

    A small site with short content can rank well in Google due to the numbers of link it has.

    Using link building in your content from an extra page can make your site a reourcefull one helping your readers to understand what you are trying to say.

    Linking from an expert or authoritative site help a lot, people believe from an expert. They will look at you content a unique one.

    But if you feel that you can trust such site, you can use ref=”no follow” in your link if the content is helpfull

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