Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Packages and Subscription Dialing Codes

With this teaser video coming from Airtel, it seems that they are cooking some pleasant meal for their subscribers that is yet to be revealed. From the video, it seems one there is an Airtel Unlimited Data Plan package that will be released any moment from now. But hey! you should not get too excited yet because we are all aware of how the “so called” unlimited data plans our telecommunication firm has promised us in the past is eventually being capped to a particular amount, This time around, we pray that Airtel sets the pace by making a difference in their upcoming Airtel Unlimited Data Plan.

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Form my own perspective, the definition of unlimited data plan is surf and download from the internet till you have no storage space left in any of your device again..hehehe!  guest this is what Airtel Nigeria is having in stock for us, their beloved subscribers.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Coming soon (Watch Teaser Video)

You might be wondering where I got the leak from? If you are very active on social media, most especially Twitter, you will observe that Airtel NG have one of the best video advertisement. This time again, they have released another video advertisement that serve as a hint of the upcoming Airtel Unlimited Data Plan.


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I know for some time now, we have all been waiting for a real unlimited data plan to come from the various telecommunication firm in Nigeria. Let us see if Airtel Nigeria is trying to set the pace by unleashing the Airtel Unlimited Data Plan to their various subscribers, of which I can’t wait to benefit from that too. So if you have not gotten an Airtel SIM yet, you better go get yours.


Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Packages 

  • N 10,000 Unlimited Data package – Validity is 30 days
  • N 15,000 Unlimited Data package – Validity is 30 days
  • N 20,000 Unlimited Data package – Validity is 30 days

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Subscription Dialing Codes 

The official USSD dialing codes for the Airtel Unlimited Data Plan is out. If you already have an Airtel SIM,simply select the preferred amount you want to subscribe with ad dial the respective codes .

  • N 10,000 Unlimited Data Plan – Dial *471#
  • N 15,000 Unlimited Data Plan – Dial *463#
  • N 20,000 Unlimited Data Plan – Dial *351#

Or you can simply dial *141# and follow the prompt to make your preferred selection.

Note: you should be aware that fair usage policy will be attached to each of these plans.

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