Android Users Can Now Download Firefox Focus From Google Play Store

The Firefox Focus was launched late last year for iOS devices, and since then, it seem as if Android users have been left out from its benefits. But there is a good news. Just some few hours back, Mozilla finally launched the Firefox Focus on Android and it is now available for download from Google Play Store.

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Features Of The Mozilla Firefox Focus For Android

Android Users Can Now Download Firefox Focus From Google Play Store

The Firefox Focus browser form Mozilla is not just any kind of browser, in fact, it is very simple to use. While other Android browsers have private modes as a separate feature, the Firefox Focus is always and permanently on private mode by default. This means that all of your browsing sessions are protected and the browser keeps no track of your browsing history or cookies. Once you ate through with a browsing session, you can simply clear the prominently placed trash button and all histories and cookies will be gone. To keep things simple, you can also find a no tab support or bookmarks.

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Firefox Focus also have the functionality of blocking ads, analytic trackers, and social tracks automatically. Although this feature can be disabled by a user at his or her own will. A user can also improve performance by blocking web fonts. The iOS version of the Firefox Focus has the features to work as an ad blocker for Safari, but this very functionality is absent in the Android version. The Android version also show the number of blocked ads and trackers on a particular page and also having a display button to disable tracker blocker in the menu. If the app is running in the background, there is a persistent notification that always comes up, which you can easily click to clear the browser instantly.

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For many Android smartphone users, Focus might not be an ideal browser because of its reduced features. But if you are concerned about your privacy while surfing the internet from your phone and you need a secure browser, then you can give this browser a second thought.

Firefox Focus Android Download

You can simply download this awesome browser into your device directly from Google Play Store. Follow the link below:

Download from Google Play Store

Are you using this browser already? Kindly share your thoughts and reviews by using the comment box below.

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