How to Watch YouTube Videos on Other Website Ads-Free

Many YouTube viewers actually get annoyed with the loads of adverts that normally pop-up when they are watching videos from their favourite channels. If you are one of them, then this post will be beneficial to you. I will show you how to watch YouTube videos on other website Ads-free. Yes, you can now say bye to those annoying ads.

Many professionals who use YouTube do not really have the time to be clicking adverts whenever they appear. That is why they find alternative means to watch the same video without been disrupted with YouTube adverts. The best alternative is to watch YouTube videos on other website. Check out some of those sites below.

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How to Watch YouTube Videos on Other Website Ads-Free

Websites You Can Watch YouTube Videos Advert-Free

If you want to know how to watch YouTube videos on other websites, then check out these websites, and you can actually choose from any one of them.

DF YouTube Chrome Extension

This is not necessarily a website, but rather, an extension. So, let me start with this. DF Tube Chrome Extension is a Google web browser extension that you can easily install on your Chrome browser. Once you get it installed, your adverts-free settings are already activated.

The web tool can also auto-set some other settings. For instance, you can stop the auto-play function, start videos on mute, or prevent videos from starting until you click on them.

Adless Tube

Adless Tube is an online tool that is more reliable in creating ads-free experience when compared with browser extensions. Generally, online tools have a better record when it comes to maintaining their functionality.

To use Adless Tube, you can copy and paste your YouTube URL directly into the Adless Tube search bar, or you can type in the search query.

Once you paste in a video URL, the video will come up right away. Alternatively, you can type in your keywords and a broad set of suggestions will come up below the search bar. Some users find this method of navigation better than what YouTube itself has to offer.

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This is another website you can watch YouTube videos ads-free. Once you enter your video URL into the search bar of this website, it will pull up a wide selection of videos for you to choose from. However, the website does not give you the results in the same order that YouTube does. has its own searching parameter which is built to make some videos more popular than others.

Some users think the way this website presents its video is better than what you will get from YouTube. Still, no matter what video you click on, it will be ads-free. By default, the home screen of will show you trending content, and it has a light and dark option too.

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One odd thing about platform is that it does not mind presenting to users 18+ content. For example, if you do not sign in to your account, and Google doesn’t know how old you are, then it presents mostly family-friendly content. However, will show you anything in its search results, even if it has a big pair of naked boobs in the preview image.

YT Instant

Are you still looking for how to watch YouTube on other websites? Then YT Instant should be your next stop. All you need to do is to enter the URL of your YouTube video into the search bar, and it will bring it up. Once you enter a search term, it will play the first video on the list. The rest of the video search results will be listed down the right side of the screen, or under it on mobile devices.

YT Instant also has a function for sharing video with a link, and for embedding it on other sites. You may also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to skip to the next video. The website itself has no adverts and is mostly distraction-free.

A key feature of YT Instant is that the website does not start on the home page. Rather, it starts on a pre-written search. For instance, once you visit the site, you will see a video auto-starting. In the search bar, you will see a randomly generated search term. It is a neat feature because it starts your session with something interesting rather than the reel of trending videos.

Are There Adverts You Cannot Block?

The sad news is that the answer is yes.

No matter which ad-blocker, website, or web browser extension you use, there is no way you can block adverts that are inserted into the videos. When a YouTube video has an advert as part of the video itself, then there is no way to block it. You can only skip past it.


The websites listed in this post can help you watch YouTube videos ads-free. The other better alternative is to sign up for YouTube premium, in which case will serve you videos ads-free. In addition, this premium service can also allow you to play YouTube videos in the background when other apps are running on your phone.

Do you have other ways of watching YouTube videos without seeing adverts? Kindly share it with us by using the comment section on this page.

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