Tips And Advice On How To Start A Blog

Many of you have the interest of starting a blog but you don’t really know how to go about it. You don’t know the about the do’s and don’ts and maybe the possible risks involved. At times you get really confused if the blogging zeal you are having is actually real. Starting and having your own blog is quite cool but it is better for you to have an idea about journey you are trying to embark before making a choice if you should continue or not. In this post i will giving some few tips and advice on how to start a blog. By the time you might have finished reading it, then you will have a chance of making a better decision.

The tips and advice on how to start a blog i will be giving out are practical, tested and tested. They are collated from personal experience and most people that i shared it with, made use of it and are very grateful bout it. Now let’s get to know them.

Tips And Advice On How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog Tips And Advice

1. Where so start: Choosing a blogging platform

By now, you are having the zeal to start but there are lots of questions running all over your head like; where to start? How to start? or which blogging platform should i make use of? Think no further! Since you already have the desire to start, then the time is now. There are two major blogging platforms before the emergence of some few others, and they are Blogger and WordPress. You can choose from any of the two, but personally i am a big fan of both blogging platforms. If Blogger is your preferred platform, then stick to it, but if you want to go for WordPress, then fine also. Let us move to the next tips and advice on how to start a blog.

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2. Be yourself

I know before now you might be reading some other blogs, you have a blogger mentor, you are already familiar with his or her style and so on. But i will be glad to announce to you that as you have decided to embark on the blogging journey “please be yourself”. Make yourself unique, have your own purpose of blogging, but though it might be similar with that of some other blogger, try as much as possible to make yourself unique. In some posts i will be publishing in the future, i will be revealing some untapped blogging niche that are highly profitable and are yet to crowd the blogosphere.

3, Be patient

Patience is another virtue you should try to have as a new blogger, because you will be needing it. Do not harbour such thoughts  in your mind that in few months, days or weeks into your blogging career you will start to make it big. This is not a gold mine venture, mate. It might take up to much months or even years before you will start to reap the fruits of your labour (i.e. if you are doing things right and blogging the right way). You cannot be a successful blogger within the twinkle of an eye, you have to be patient, enjoy what you are doing, don’t force success to come by plying the wrong route. If only you are aware of the dues that successful blogger you are envying had paid, then you will buckle up and work harder. There is popular saying “Good things happen to those who wait”. That is the spirit on how to start a blog

4. Be consistent

Now you have got the patience, the nest thing you have to do is to be consistent. If you pause your blogging career or you stop publishing new posts for some period of time, then you are definitely pushing your blog to oblivion. The first thing is that you will lose your followers or subscribers, because nobody will like coming to a blog he or she will not find or discover a new thing. Though in most cases, because of some other engagements a blogger might find it difficult to create or publish new posts, but a wise blogger will never allow such break to last long. It shouldn’t be up to a month. To be on the right track, i will advice you to post at least 3 times in a week. But if you have all the whole time for yourself and maybe you are a full time blogger, then you can publish as much post as you want in day.

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5. Never give up

At the initial stage, the amount of page views, comments and engagements you might be getting on your blog might be quite discouraging. Some bloggers quit at this stage. You will be having some discouraging thoughts like, after you have wasted time, energy and money in writing and publishing a blog post then you are just having some little views, gosh! It will be a wise idea if you continue and never give up, because the blogging journey is never rosy at the beginning. When you will start seeing the benefits and fruits, you will be glad. You should have this at the back of your mind before thinking of how to start a blog.

6. Get your camera ready for photos

I know many of you might be saying, “what is the use of my camera photos when i can get lots of pictures online?” Sorry to disappoint you mate, those pictures you saw stocked on the internet are not yours and maybe be placed under copyright laws. Lifting photos from the internet and using them on your blog post is termed “plagiarism”, so to be on a safe side you should try and make use of photos you created personally. This boosts your blog image and shows you are really interested in what you are doing. There are some free stock photos you can also find on the internet, but i will be talking about those in my posts in the future. And please don’t think when i mean camera i am limiting it to jus camera gadgets, you can basically use your smartphones. In fact all of my photos are gotten from my smartphone, then maybe some screenshots and graphical designs from Corel Draw.

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7. Create a brand

My last tips and advice on how to start a blog i will be giving is creating a brand. At this point, you have gotten some primary ideas like; blogging platform to choose, being patient and consistent, never give up on yourself etc, the next thing you should be aiming at is creating a brand. Blogging is a big business and so you should treat it like one. Buy a  top level domain name (TLD), create a Facebook business page and a Twitter business page too. You can also go as far as registering your business and having business cards you can easily distribute physically to people. Do not be an unserious blogger and just settle for a sub-domain name like or, invest and aim higher.

Now that you have gone through these 6 tips and advice on how to start blog, i am definitely sure you have made a decision to satisfy that zeal of yours. If you are still having any questions, you can drop them in the comment box below. Thanks!

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