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Gwent is a game that is catching the attention of more users even with its recent updates. In fact, the developers do not have the time to publish guidelines, before fans start to play the latest version. One of the questions players normally ask is how to mill spare cards in Gwent? In this post, I will be giving an answer to that commonly asked question.

If you read this post to the end, you will discover that the process of milling spare cards in Gwent is not that difficult. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, I hope you will find the information contained in this post useful.

How to Mill Spare Cards in Gwent Using this Easy Steps

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Before you learn how to mill spare cards in Gwent, let me, first of all, give you an idea of what milling is all about.

What is Milling?

Maybe you are not familiar with some of the terms in Gwent that was why I see the need to explain this before we proceed. You must have heard experienced players making use of this term most of the time, but what does it actually mean to mill a card?

Milling is a process that refers to destroying one of your cards to get resources from it. Therefore, it only makes sense to mill spare cards, and you can do this if you have more than one copy of the same card. To make it more simple for you to understand, you need to have more than one copy of a gold card or more than two copies of a bronze card.

Without any doubt, milling will provide you with fewer resources than needed to craft a new card. However, it is still a better idea, because what else are you using your spare cards for?

Moreover, your resources will increase, and once you have enough of them, you can use them to create a new card.

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How to Mill Spare Cards in Gwent

Before you proceed with the milling, ensure that your card is a spare one. If you have double-checked that, then follow the steps below to mill spare cards in Gwent.

  • Open your Card Collection.
  • Select the card you want to mill.
  • Click on the Mill button at the bottom of the screen.

There you have it. You can see that it did not take more than a minute.

NOTE: You cannot mill any card you want. There are certain rules when it comes to what cards can be milled. For instance, you cannot mill cards in the starter deck. This means that you may need to wait for a while until your cards change.

Can I Mill More Cards at the Same Time?

Can I mill more cards at the same time in Gwent? This is another question people often ask. The answer is both yes and no. I will take the time to explain.

It is no because there is no single button you can click to mill more cards at the same time.

It is yes, simply because there is no limit to the number of cards you can mill. To be specific, you can mill card after card, and finish in a couple of minutes. However, you will have to select each card and press the Mill button. After that, you can immediately repeat the process for the next spare card, and so on.

Additional Tip on How to Mill Spare Card in Gwent

You should note that you can always check the resources gained from milling a particular card. All you need to do is to click on it, and the information will appear. From the information displayed, you can then decide if it is worth milling, or whether you should wait for a new opportunity.

The amount of resources you can gain from a single card totally depends on its rarity. For example, a common card would get you only ten scraps, while a Legendary card would get you 800 scraps. At the same time, there is a maximum you can get from a single card.

The good news is that even if you do not get a lot of resources from milling a single card, your funds will eventually add up. You can collect them and then use to create a new card.

Do not bother for now if you cannot remember the value for each card, you will definitely learn with time.


Gwent is all about having a good strategy. This means you have to plan every move carefully. You have the right to decide what card you want to mill, but make sure you are doing it at the right moment. Sometimes, exercising patience and biding your time is the best thing you can do.

Reading to this point, I guess you must have learned how to mill spare cards in Gwent with some other important information. Are you an experienced player of Gwent and you want to share a few tips and tricks? Kindly share them in the comment section of this page.

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