How to Install OBB Files on Your Android Mobile Phone

Till date, many Android mobile phone users are still finding it difficult to install OBB files on their devices. Many still don’t know what OBB files are and their functions. If you are one of such people, then you are lucky bumping on this post. As you read on, you will get to see what OBB files are, why they are required for some Android games, and how to install OBB files on your Android phones.

When you download games from other websites than the Google Play Store, you will be downloading two files of the game. One is the apk file which you will have to install directly on the Android phone, and the other is the OBB or data file which you will have to copy to a specified folder on your memory card or phone storage.

All your worries on how to install OBB files and apk files on your Android phones will be solved in this tutorial. But before we move on, let me first of all show you what OBB files are and what they are all about. You can also check out the best MMORPG in 2019 to select the game you will enjoy once you mastered the steps of apk and OBB files installation on your Android phone.

How to Install OBB Files on Your Android Mobile Phone

What are OBB Files and Why are They Required for Android Games

OBB is an acronym for “Opaque Binary Blob”, and it is a special term used in computer science. It is also known as a data file because it contains a sizeable piece of data. OBB files are mostly used by Android developers when they are developing a game with high graphics and large size. The games are divided into two data files; apk (Android Application Package) and OBB.

Most people are familiar with apk files, so let me just give a little description about it. Apk file contains only the installation package and license information, while the OBB or data file contains another full part of the game like graphics and visual files. All big games for Android like, “Need for Speed”, “Mortal Kombat” etc which has sizes about 1.5GB contains OBB files. This helps to install the full game on the Android phone.

If you download the game from Google Play Store, it will automatically install the OBB file in its normal folder. With this knowledge, I guess you might have known the importance of both apk and OBB files for Android devices.

Now let me show you how to install OBB files on your Android phones.

How to Install OBB Files on Android Phones

If you want to install OBB files on your Android devices, just follow this simple steps :

  • Download ES file explorer
  • Then download your desired APK file and also download OBB or Data file (do not open them, just download them in your phone memory or SD card but SD card is preferable).
  • Launch your Es file explorer app and locate the Apk and tap on Install.
  • After installation, don’t run the game yet. Just locate your OBB file through the Es file explorer and Tap on the OBB file.
  • It will ask ES zip viewer and after the OBB file is opened, you will see a small box with an arrow at the top right corner.
  • That is the “extract” button and tap on the extract button.
  • After that, you will choose path, where you will extract the file to. So just click on the Android folder and then tap on OBB folder (if you don’t see the OBB folder, just create a new folder and name it OBB) and your selected path will be like this sdcard/Android/obb.
  • Then click OK for the file to extract to the OBB folder and after that, you can now play your game.

Simple I guess?

Well, that is all you need to know on how to install OBB files on Android mobile phones. Simply use the share button below to get this post across to that friend of yours that might be needing it.

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