How to Increase Your Smartphone Touchscreen Sensitivity

Since the advent of touchscreen smartphones, a good amount of phone users are still finding it difficult to get acquainted with the use. Smartphone users often complain about poor touch response even when they are using an expensive mobile phone powered with the latest technology. In tis post, I will be showing you some tips you can follow to increase your smartphone touchscreen sensitivity if you fall in this category of people.

Before we proceed, I will like to show you two major cause of touchscreen unresponsiveness in smatphones.

  1. Faulty hardware
  2. Software issues

If the problem is hardware-related, they cannot be easily fixed because it usually require a replacement of the entire touchscreen. This is quite expensive too.

If the cause is software-related, you can easily fix it by following some simple measures. Some of them I have outlined and explain below.

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Tips to Increase Your Smartphone Touchscreen Sensitivity

To get yourself out of the mess of unresponsive touch screen, just follow these tips to increase your smartphone sensitivity.

How to Increase Your Smartphone Touchscreen Sensitivity

Calibrate Your Touchscreen

Most phone manufacturers provide calibration tool within the phone to recalibrate its touchscreen. If after much usage you start to experience degradation in your tocuh sensitivity or responsiveness, then you can simply recalibrate the touchscreen to fix the issue. Since gravity and some other factors affect the performance of touchscreen, you can follow the instructions provided with calibration tool to do that properly. Recalibration doesn’t have a hectic procedure, and it can be carried out by almost anyone. Once you have successfully carried this out, it will enhance the performance of your touchscreen.

Clean the Screen of Your Smartphone

One major culprit for diminishing sensitivity of smartphone’s touchscreen is the grease and dirt that accumulates on it. Regular cleaning of your phone’s screen can also preserve its performance. You can do the cleaning by using dry cloth or cotton buds, dipped in cleansing solutions. You can also apply some kind of protection by using a screen guard or protector.

Using Thinner Screen Guard

Still on the use of screen guard, you shouldn’t just use any of them. While many type of screen guards are out there, it is important to choose the right one to use on your smartphone’s screen. Simply choose the ones that will not hamper the sensitivity of the screen. Though a thicker screen guard gives better protection, they can also reduce its sensitivity. Choose one that is thick enough to protect your screen, but does not affect its performance.

Update Your Phone to the Latest Firmware Version

If you will observe, latest software updates normally bring fix to certain bugs in previous versions. Some of this bugs might also be related to touchscreen functionality. If you are experiencing any touchscreen-related problem in your smartphone, you can check for updates, and update it to the latest if there is any available.


The use of touchscreen has come to stay, so you should get used to it. Simply follow these tips in order to increase your smartphone sensitivity. You can share this blog post to any of your social media handle by using the share buttons below, they ,ight come in handy for your friends or colleagues.

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