How To Do SEO For A New Blog From Day One (SEO Basics)

Setting up a blog is not as easy as most people think, because if you neglect some certain basics, you might end up not getting your desired result. It is no longer news that organic traffic is the best (though it requires extra effort) compared to PPC adverts, just because it is free and ever flowing. But to achieve this, you need to follow some SEO basics from day one. In this post. I will be showing you the basics on how to do SEO for a brand new blog.

As a start-up owner who is planning to have a brand on the worldwide web, it is proper for you to know about SEO and its importance. For the newbies, SEO actually stands for search engine optimization, and it is the act that makes your site known to Google and other search engines, thereby displaying it in result pages of relevant searched queries by users.

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Despite the importance of SEO, very few bloggers still have the time, interest or resources to optimize their blog from day one. Like the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, getting things done properly from the onset is much easier than trying to fix it afterwards. I will always encourage every starter to learn how to do SEO for his or her blog from day one.

When it comes to SEO for a brand new blog or website, with a domain authority of 1, it can be quite challenging and frustrating to get the desired result at that point. But the good thing behind it is that you have a brand new domain that you can shape into any form you want (but let it be positive). if you need to optimize your brand new blog to get the desired result you need as quickly as possible, then you can follow this simple laid down process or strategy.

How To Do SEO For A New Blog From Day One (SEO Basics)

Basic Steps On How To Do SEO For A Brand New Blog

The steps or items below are all important for successful blog optimization. Though some of them only take some few minutes to set up, others can take hours or require the assistance of a professional.

  1. The Technical Aspect

For a brand new blog, the quality of your content is very important. But before you publish a single word, you need to take care of some technical aspects of your blog.  Such as:

  • Install Google Analytics for your blog and link it with the property added on Google Search Console. This will help in tracking all your traffic sources and get a better understanding of the performance of your keyword.
  • Create a robots.txt file and upload it to your sites root directory
  • Also create a sitemap.xml file and submit the both of them to Google Webmaster Tool, and request for indexing.

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  1. The Research

Writing a good blog post all starts from a proper keyword research. Tools you can use to come up with the perfect keyword (both long tail, short tail or LSI keywords) for each blog post includes:

  • Google search: This is plain, simple and free. Of course the search suggestions given by Google search can give you a better idea of what users are searching for. Targeting such keywords in your blog post can yield better result.
  • Google Keyword Planner: Even though you are not ready to run an Adword campaign, you can use this tool to get keyword suggestions and even searched volumes.
  • LSI Graph: This is one of my favourite, as it helps in finding the perfect LSI keywords And Their Importance In SEO, that can bring ROI-oriented traffic. This is the only type of audience you should be aiming for.
  • Moz Open Site Explorer and Buzz Sumo: You can use this tool to understand the competition you are up against, also to steal their backlinks in the future.
  • Moz Explorer: You can use this tool to check the keyword difficulty of various keywords you are planning to rank for.

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  1. The On-site Optimization

You make sure each of your pages are optimized perfectly. Each page should have a unique title tag, and your main keywords should be included in each tags.  Each of your page should also have a unique meta description, and also the respective keywords of each page should be included in them.

Each blog page URL should also contain your target keyword. Also endeavour to include ALT tags for your images, this helps Googlebots to understand what they are crawling. Least I forget, also include your keyword in your image ALT tag.

  1. The Content

When writing your content, you need to first of all have an idea of what your audience is looking for. What tone of voice do they respond to? And also, what type of content do they prefer?

Going by the rule of thumb, each blog post should contain at least 800 words. For deep tutorials or instructional posts, you should be aiming at over 1,000 words.

You should target one primary keyword (preferably a long-tail keyword) and 5 LSI keywords for each blog post.

You should also design a content calendar, this dictates how often you are going to be publishing new posts and also what you are going to write about.

The next on the agenda is very much important, and that is to start earning links to your new domain or blog posts. You can achieve this by publishing great content and start reaching out to influencers in your niche. Great writing is all about respecting your audience first, everything else (SEO inclusive) comes afterwards.

When developing your content calendar, start by identifying the topics that matters most to your readers. What help do they need? What are their intentions? What valuable information can you offer them?

After you might have answered all these questions, you can simply develop it into a blog topic. After this, you can conduct a keyword research for them and write enticing meta descriptions. You should also take note of this fact, if your readers don not like your content, search engines won’t like them either.

Having a ROI is every start-up desire. It will be frustrating if you do not see the results you wished for. If you have success in mind, then you should learn how to do SEO for your brand new blog from day one. You can easily adhere to the tips listed below and if you are confused in any aspect, simply air your view by using the comment box below.

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