How to Block and Unblock Numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite (Infinix Phones)

I remember back in the days when you have to dial a certain USSD code to block and unblock unwanted numbers from getting in touch with yours. This days, technology innovations have made things  a bit easier. You can now carry out that function by simply making use of a call or SMS blocker app. In this post, I will be showing you how you can easily block and unblock numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite, a case study of an Infinix smartphone.

Blocking a number from calling your line might be as a result of two purpose; either the number is spammy, or you do not actually want to receive calls from the owner of that mobile number for some period of time. Most smartphone users have been carrying out this function by the use of third party apps they download from either Google Play Store or Apple Store. But there is good news for all Infinix smartphone users, you can easily block unwanted calls and SMS from any number you choose without installing any third-party app. Yes! you can easily do this with your phone.

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Creating this post on how to block and unblock numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite was actually inspired by a difficulty i went through. Let me cut the story short, I actually blocked a particular number mistakenly from my call log, then it made me conduct researches on how to unblock the same number using my phone (Infinix Hot 4 Lite) without downloading any call blocker app. When I eventually stumbled upon an app known as “XManager” on my phone, I have to figure out some of its functions, and bingo!…I got what I am looking for.

I unblocked the number, it was a success. I latter use the XManager to block my second line, tested if was actually blocked…and yes it was. I unblocked it once more, and the number started working again. It was then I realised that many Infinix Hot 4 Lite users were actually easting their time, data, and app space to install a third-party “call and SMS blocker” app. You can actually block and unblock numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite with ease.

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So let us go with the steps involved. I also added some images which can make the steps a little bit clearer.

How To Block and Unblock Numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite

Step 1

Swipe up your Home Screen to get your App menus, then locate the “XManager” app as show in the image below. Then you click on the app.

How to Block and Unblock Numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite (Infinix Phones)

Step 2

The XManager app will then load as shown in the image below. Click on the “Harassment Block” feature.

XManager App showing Harassment block feature

Step 3

It will now take you to a new page as displayed in the image below, navigate to the “Blacklist tab, the click on “Add Blacklist”.

Harassment Blocker Menu

Step 4

A dialogue box will now pop up, where you can choose either to:

Add from call log

Add from SMS

Add from contacts. or

Manual input

Xmanager App Manual Input Menu

In this post, we shall be making use of the manual input. But you can use other options too.

Step 4

It will now take you to a new page as shown in the image below where you can enter the number you want to block or blacklist manually.

Add blacklisted number on Xmanager

You can choose either to block just calls or SMS from this number, or both which is preferably. Once you have added the number, click on “add” as shown in the bottom of the image.

Step 5

It will finally take you to a page showing the list of blacklisted numbers on your phone. You can add as many numbers as possible.

List of blacklisted numbers on XManager

How To Unblock Numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite

The process is simple. Just use you XManager and locate your list of blacklisted numbers, then you click the “X” by the side of the number or click “Delete all” at the bottom left corner as shown in the image below.

Unblock Blacklisted numbers on XManager


You can see how easy it is to perform this functions from your Infinix phones without installing any third-party call and SMS blocker app. So that is all on how to block and unblock numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite. I hope this function is cool? What are your thoughts about this? Kindly use the comment box below to make you contributions, and also please share this post on your various social media platforms.

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