Creating an Online Business: 3 Major Points Beginners Should Know

You know it is quite frustrating when you see yourself making mistakes in your business. Maybe before you started, you followed some sets of tactics you read from a book or course, spent weeks or even months trying them out, but at the end you still gave up on the business. creating an online business is most people’s dream, but there are important things you need to note as a beginner.

“Rome was not built in a day”, you should get that quote stuck into your head. This means you should not expect a massive result or ROI within the twinkling of an eye. In fact, my first online business idea did not generate much income to me like I expected..just because I lacked certain foundation. But with years of experience managing an online business, I now know how to avoid some mistakes that most beginners do while creating an online business for the first time.

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If you find yourself on the frustrating end, well…I feel your pain. Nobody wants to be stuck in a business that makes little or no income. Especially if you are spending your money and precious time.

My first advice to you is that you should stop paying attention to “so-called” experts who promise to show you the “secret blueprint of creating an online business in 2018″ or the “perfect way to build an online business in 2018”. Those are mere headlines that I call “click baits”.

The truth is that there is no “short cut” or “fire brigade approach” in making it big in online business. This is because building a successful business is all about creating a life of abundance and freedom.

I will like to inform that you posses the power and potential to create the freedom you need in your life. You can build an online business on your own terms, and the one that supports your ideal lifestyle too. You should not join the bandwagon.

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You do not need any secret blueprint while creating an online business, simply have these 3 major points in mind then you are on the right track.

Creating an Online Business: Major Points You need To Know as a Beginner

Major Points To Note Before Creating an Online Business

  1. Create an Online Business That Serves Your Customer and You

Most people started by creating an online business that serves either their customers or themselves. This is wrong, you should have both parties in mind.

Before starting your business, you can conduct a deep research on your market and your competition down to the last detail. You can even copy a successful business model and use it to serve your customers. By doing these, you may achieve success and even make a huge amount of money.

But an important thing you should note is that you can’t just build a business by focusing on your needs alone.  If you maintain a business just because there is demand for it or it makes you huge amount of money, and you do not really care about your customers, they will figure it out on the long-run. If you fail to build a business that serves your customers, sooner or later they will stop buying from you.

But I am quite sure you do not want this to happen, right?

Most courses and books about creating an online business you will find today hardly talk about the concept of a business serving both the customers and you. This is because they still talk about the old paradigm of business.

How can you achieve this?

You should simple find the intersection between what you love to do, what you are good at, and what people will pay you for.

In all, if you want a profitable business, one that makes you happy and creates your desired freedom in life. Then you should sell a product or service that people will like to pay for, one that leverages the skills and knowledge you have, and the one that you love to do or enjoy doing it.

  1. Design a Clear Picture of How You Will Like to Spend Your Time

When you throw this question to people, asking them “what their perfect day looks like?”….you might be amazed that almost everybody you asked might say “they have no idea” or “they have never thought of it”.

Such response is quite surprising. This is because they all have amazing dreams about things they will like to achieve, but they have not taken time to develop a clear vision for what a perfect day looks like.

The point I will like to share with you is that, no one really teaches you to take time to come up with a vision for your perfect day because no one truly realizes its importance than you do. You can envisage your perfect day by having a clear picture on how you want to spend your time each day. Once that is set, you will be amazed at how your visions starts to turn into reality. Whatever focus you channel your thoughts on, starts to actually come true in reality.

How can you achieve this?

First of all, get this favourite quote of mine in your head…”You are what you think”.

Spend time to think about what you want to become and what kind of life you wish to have and it will definitely come to pass…if you do not give up.

But if you do not have an idea of what an ideal day looks like, how would you knwo what to do today to prepare yourself to living a perfect day?

This point is exceptionally important when you are setting up a business and preparing yourself for a life of freedom. You will want to envision your ideal lifestyle by taking into account the role your business will play in it. You should consider things like :

  • How much time do you want to spend on your business each day?
  • Will it be a business that you love, and can’t wait to get into it when you wake up in the morning?
  • Will it be a business that you are able to leave running like an automatic Rolex and fine tune it when needed?

Having a clear picture of your perfect day is quite simple and actually fun. Draft if out in full details as you are comfortable with, and use an inspiration for the future of freedom and abundance you are trying to create for yourself.

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  1. Launch That Life Changing Business Today

Procrastination is indeed a bad habit. You will never know what it involves unless you try, just like a popular statement in Nigerian Pidgin English will say “who no go, no know”.

The very first dollars I made online was from my first blog. I actually published a sponsored post of a client of mine based in the United Kingdom on my blog. Yes, the payment created a smile on my face and it serves as a drive for me to aim higher.

The experience changed my mindset completely about online business. From it, I knew it was possible to make money online, in a way that was unique to my personality, and at the same time let me live the lifestyle I wanted.

For some years now, I have successfully earned some good amount of money from online businesses. I have also helped a few (because I am not fully into this) in creating an online business that earns them some cool cash too and create freedom in their lives as well.

By taking a bold step to launch that online business today, you might be doing yourself a whole lot of good. Once you have discovered a business that will serve your customers and you, have a clear picture of how your perfect day looks like, creating an online business is relatively simple.

How can you go about your first launch?

To keep things simple, I suggest you launch a business you are good at and you believe will attract decent sales quickly. For me, I love writing and speaking about the things I do. Figure out yours.

I assure you, once you made your first launch and get that first sale (or income), and you realize that people will pay you for something you created without you even having to be in same location with them, it will definitely change your life.


This is the major points you need to know about creating an online business and giving yourself that freedom in life. Discover what you love doing and build a business around it. There are no secret formulas or blueprints behind it. Before you leave, kindly do me a favour by using the share icons below to pass this message to your friends and families on various social media. A tweet and a Facebook share won’t hurt.

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  1. Hey Chibuzor!

    We all have to start from the bottom, right. The beginners should also understand this simple little fact. I often hear from newbies online how lucky the successful are and how easy it was for them to accomplish success, and they use this as an excuse to why they can’t succeed. This is a bad way of thinking.

    Every successful person, in any field, started from scratch just like everyone else. I think realizing this simple fact can help a newbie persevere and keep working when times are bad.

    Thank you for sharing your tips!

    Best regards! 😀

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