ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Now Available For Easy Naira To USD Transaction

ALAT by Wema, The Nigeria’s first fully digital bank that was launched last, has taken a step further to make transactions easier for their customers. They recently introduced the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card, and it is available in the latest version, ALAT 2.4. All you have to do as a customer, is to update your app to the latest version and start to enjoy Dollar to Naira transaction as simple as can be.

Going by the official announcement of the company on its blog, the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card will be available only in the digital payment form, having the usual card payment features like; 16-digit card number, 3-digit CVV number, card holder’s name, and expiration date. These are the normal information you will use to make online payments in dollars on various payment portal. Unlike the physical bank cards you can easily place in your wallet, the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card will reside on the latest version of the app.

Another important feature is the function of currency conversion. For example, to convert dollar to naira, all you need to do is to make request on the app using the Virtual Dollar Card. The conversion  will be carried out automatically using the current bank exchange rate. This will save you the stress of dealing with physical banks or bureau de change marketers.

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Now Available For Easier Naira To USD Transaction

How To Create New ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Follow the steps below to create your new Virtual Dollar Card for the first time.
  2. Log in to ALAT on your mobile device or web
  3. Select cards on the “Main Menu”
  4. Click on “ ALAT Dollar Card“. You will be redirected to a settings page where you will be required to “Create New Card”, as shown in the image above
  5. Fill in all your correct information to proceed

The good news is that the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card can be used to make online payments even on platform that do not accept Nigerian bank cards. But before you will enjoy this benefits, simply download the latest version of the app, ALAT 2.4 on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on your device.

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